Portal Limbo: What it is and isn't

grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

Portal Limbo is when your nomination has enough agreements to go live but doesn't because it is in a portal exclusion zone. Portal Exclusion Zones are created when a property owner requests portal removal. This is usually around Churches, cemeteries, and schools. Portal Exclusion Zones used to be much larger and affected a wider area around themselves than they do now so there were more portals in Limbo. Portal Exclusion Zones are tiny now if they even exist at all anymore. If you think you have a nomination in Limbo you can contact support and they can look to see if your nomination has enough agreements to go live and if it falls into a part of a limbo zone where it is safe to be brought online manually without trespassing on a property where portals have had removal requests.

Limbo is not when your nomination hasn't reached an agreement. Your nomination is still in the queue and is just waiting for enough agents to agree one way or another if it is a good or bad candidate. If it is a questionable candidate it can take significantly longer, especially in low active areas. You will eventually get a judgement, you just need more agents in that area to render one. It feels like limbo but it's not. If you ask support to look in to your nominations they will tell you they are still awaiting a final decision. It sucks and there needs to be some kind of a fix because not even upgrades help these. Giving OPR agents a third area far outside their own and building Google translate into the opr browser might be a start.


  • The non-agreement limbo seems to be determined by some kind of S2 cells. Submissions in or near cities (high portal density cell) are low priority in OPR and may never receive an answer unless the backlog in other cells is resolved. Rural submissions with no nearby major city are processed in less than a week.

  • Podolsky88Podolsky88 ✭✭✭

    Probably not limbo according with you, but i have found in my area that if 2 agents submit the same nomination, for a reason it gets stuck several weeks, or even if a pogo player submit where you submitted it takes longer to be reviewed.

    2 months ago, there were a park with 5 pretty good candidates, but it was in the end of "my zone" to nominate and it was in the end zone of a friend of mine too, so one day i decided to nominate them, and it turns out that my friend had the same idea lol, so from those 5 portals only 2 has gone live, and no rejections or approvals mails yet.

    Last month it happened me almost the same but with a pogo player, i told in our raid group that i submitted those portals, and the guy who just reached level 40 did not read my message and 2 days later he nominated all of them. Result: Only 1 portal went live, and still not rejection mail.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭

    I've had two portals go live almost right on top of portals that were removed after the building owner requested they be removed because of PoGo players flooding the area. Within 1-2 meters.

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