[Bug] 2.27.3 - Start Comms message, try to swipe to scroll history, sends incomplete message

I'd been wondering why another agent kept on sending messages simply tagging my agent name, now I think I know.

  1. Tap an agent name in comm, and select 'Send message'
  2. Don't type anything (but this likely happens if you do as well)
  3. Try to swipe up in the chat history you can see behind the chat input
  4. It will send the current state of the message, which in this scenario is the @agentname and a space.
  5. Curse the bug making you look stupid on comms.

Expected behaviour would be the chat input being closed without sending the draft message, and then preferably re-opening in the same state if you tap the keyboard icon, restoring the partial message.



  • I think text input in general is a bit messed up in the Prime ui.

  • Yes. Everything about text input in prime is frustrating.

    In Redacted, you didn't get some bogus floating text pseudo-input tied to the keyboard. It behaved more like a true text box on a web page or form.

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