Portal Removal Appeal

DisMysticAllDisMysticAll ✭✭
edited August 13 in Portal Appeals

This portal is inaccessible to the public, does not comply with Niantic guidelines.

It is within a known industrial complex in Europe/Portugal. Only workers there can enter, as can be seen in the photos links.

Please rate these portals well because it is against your guidelines. Portals should be accessible to all.

4 a fair play.

Thank you very much


  • filipebatfilipebat ✭✭
    edited August 13

    Concordo ja tentei ir la capturar os portais e nao pode entrar porque e propriadade privada...

  • edited August 23

    I work in this factory and I agree that this portals must be removed. I can have access to the portals only because I'm employed there, and I confirm all the portals are inaccessible to the public and that they should be removed.

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