Devra Bogdanovich Facebook Live Session


Researcher Dr. Victoria Kureze has figured out how to temporarily communicate out of the bubble her and the other researchers are in and into our world for small durations at a time. As a result, Devra Bogdanovich will attempt to communicate with Agents on August 13th at 1700 UTC. The connection will be attempted via the Ingress Facebook page as a Facebook Live event. Together, we can perhaps figure out more about Nemesis and the situation the researchers find themselves in.

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    Too bad I don't use Facebook anymore. It is just another apparatus created by the Shapers to control all of humanity.

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    Good, I have a lot of questions for her and her associates.

    Not the least of which is "is everyone stuck in the "bubble" part of the magnus?" And " Where is ADA, Misty, and Hank?"

  • So we got a few answers.

    Misty hasn't woken up from stasis yet and that is why she is not present in any media

    Hank is truly dead - his real body got killed, and now he is just a simulacra only (instead of having a real body like the other researchers)

    ADA is where it gets complicated. Devra didn't give a great answer about what is going on with ADA. Is she inside Wendy? Did they merge like KLADA did? Did ADA find a way to remove herself from the magnus?

  • We're missing a lot of pieces on ADA at the moment - ADA Prime (to the extent that she is not already merged with ADA 1218) is currently something of an enigma.

    I don't get the claim of Hank's having physically died: if his physical body had been hit by that car, there would still have been a physical body (albeit not in functional condition) afterwards. That's how car crashes work. In the video, he clearly seems to have been sharded, and there are no physical remains; neither is possible for a physical body. This doesn't add up.

  • Hank Prime's body died in Afghanistan. He recursed into a simulacra.

    All the other researchers still have functional, living bodies. Devra said as much when she said that they were waking up from stasis.

    Hank Prime's simulcara is what died in Chicago. So when Hank was hit, he turned to shards. Since his physical body is dead, his is permanently trapped as a simulacra that will die every 1331 days and be reborn.

  • @falcobird I thought the claim was that Hank Prime had been physically killed by Nemesis in the most recent cycle, not just re-sharded. But if what is meant was that he had already been killed earlier, then that makes more sense. It can be tough to tell who is killing whom and when. :-)

  • Hank Johnson was killed by someone (NIA or Anti-magnus or someone else, I don't actually know) before we even knew about Nemesis. That is how his real body got killed. He recursed into a simulacra later on in the anomalous zone where he died, effectively bringing him back to live - but his flesh and bones are dead. Because recursion stops your previous memories from returning, I believe that is why Devra said in her live video that he doesn't remember anything. Presumably if you have a living body, your memories have a place to return to when your simulacra dies. Hank though will effectively be reborn a new person every 1331 days.

    For what it's worth, Hank 1218 was killed in nearly the exact same way, and Nemesis didn't emerge until the Prime universe came into being.

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