Direct photo exchange because old photo does not exist

When a new photo is submitted and approved, it will only appear if it receives more likes than the existing ones.

I would like to suggest that information be created that the previous portal theme has been replaced so that the new photo does not require likes and the old ones removed.

The validity of this new photo should be easily verified by the location details.


  • ThaldeonThaldeon ✭✭✭

    it would help a lot. Some people are changing photos of portals to invalid ones so they could ask for a portal takedown after that....

  • I'm sure that when Scanner is retired and that Prime holds all the tools, we should be able to request photos on portal be removed from in app.

    It's really annoying when they do that.

    I wish if anything we had the option to in app ask for one of our own portal photos to be removed. Example - I submit a new Day time photo for a playground. 2 months later the government completely rebuilds said playground, how ever say 60 local agents felt my portal photo was a good portal photo. It is now the main photo. It is also out of date. There is no easy way to get that changed.

    I also think there should be a system where you can track all edit/portal photos and or portal submissions via maybe a sub section of OPR.

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