August 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Will the ingress Intel page ever be updated to look more Prime like?

  • What are the RES and ENL daily cycle statistics in OPR used for and how they are created? I've often noticed after doing many evaluations the numbers do not change. Do these statistics have any effect on the game itself?

  • SalimAbuAzizSalimAbuAziz ✭✭
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    Why Redacted version not sending alerts? Only emails arrives, but too late.

  • Is it intentional in prime that hacking a portal I've no key, by swiping up to 'more key', does not give a key at all?

    I had this feeling for some time already, so I put it to the test. I hacked around 100 portals by klicking normally on the hack button. I've got about 85 keys out of this. Then I went on and hacked around 100 portals by swiping up towards the 'more key' button. I only got 4 keys and have the feeling those come from not properly swiping up.

    Is this expected behavior or not? I'd love to see a 100% chance of getting a key when hacking a portal with 'more key' if I've no key yet.

  • When a agent create banner composed by X missions, is it normal and fair play that another agent create a parallel mission with different visual but keeping the name ?

    For example, added faction anomaly logo

    How report these agent, these missions?

  • Please could you clarify, without any doubt for OPR, the rules regarding G5 and G6 postboxes, as some people reject and some accept

  • nimbusparisnimbusparis ✭✭
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    How will we play Umbra in october since Redacted will be retired and Prime is unplayable in anomaly ? I've tried Prime 5 minutes for Myriad before getting a blocking bug...

  • BarthaxBarthax ✭✭✭

    Why does the upper-left option for accessing agent stats disappear? How can I get it back when I want it? Why does it not reappear when accessing Recharge for portals?

  • jkg5150jkg5150 ✭✭✭

    Welcome back! I have 3 questions this month, although one is pretty much my standard at this point... 😀

    In hindsight, including the fact it produced some very exciting anomalies, and some predictable routs, do you think the process by which the Myriad rules were created was a good process?

    Do you expect to have a similar process for the Umbra rules?

    Either way, is there a timeline for publication of the Umbra ruleset?

  • In the UK we have some great "ghost signs" (e.g. old Victorian advertisements - for medicines and old businesses) - but most of the time, these are on the side of properties - and so are considered PRP. Lots of homeowners take great pride in these, and keep them in good condition - repainting them. They definitely have important historical and communal aspects. So my question to you - is there any way that we could submit such things, if we could get the consent of the homeowner, and if so, what would we need to be able to prove on a submission? Alternatively, perhaps you could qualify these as valid, subject to owners being able to put in removal requests on a case by case basis?

  • In regard to OPR, I think most would agree there is a huge backlog of submissions that aren't getting agreements. I myself only get agreements after being awarded an Upgrade. But even getting Upgrades is a huge task just due to sheer number of reviews i have to do in order to get the agreements necessary. This is likely due to there being more agents that submit candidates, than agents doing OPR reviews. An idea to help this problem is to flip the access levels for submitting and reviewing. This could benefit the system in 2 ways:

    1) quality of submissions would likely improve if agents had to review submissions before having the ability to submit their own

    2) backlog would reduce due to an influx of agents being required to handle the review process before flooding the system with more submissions

    Your thoughts?

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    The link amp is widely considered to be the most useless item in the game. Has there been any consideration to removing and/or replacing this item?

  • Will there be any chance to get a plain map with antialiasing like in Pokemon or Harry Potter in Ingress Prime, too?

  • are batting cages legitimate candidates for portal submissions?

  • I was wondering what all Niantic is doing with the new picture approval system? It seems like after the last set of changes several months ago it became very inefficient. Before that we were getting approvals in a 1-3 day period and after the changes it became very random and the wait time became months in some cases.

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    Grand Rapids, MI is hosting Mission Day on September 14th! Have you ever been to GR? Would you consider joining us that day? We would love to show you our amazing (beer) city!

  • will we ever get a red faction that would maybe be a faction that you can only join if you recurse, and maybe have more power since it will always be the minority faction, and have special abilities like being able to throw over enlightened and resistance links and have red fields cause an increased decay rate on both enlightened and resistance portals underneath? That could make things really interesting and be a means of taking out BAFs from a distance; as well as add a whole new facet to anomaly play!

  •  do you know if the agent cards shown in the credits of the anime are chosen for in game achievements or totally at random?

  • will there ever be a system deployed which grants extra submissions every 13 day cycle based on the approval/denial ratio of agent submissions? For example 80% approval rating grants an extra submission, 85% +2, 90% +3, 95% +4

  • Are there any plans to work portal edits? Here in the Midland/Odessa(West Texas) area I have seen one edit get approved in the past year.  I understand moving portals is labor intensive to verify. But it seems like getting spelling errors fixed would be simpler and able to be fixed more quickly.  For example we have one in Odessa named Extortion County. It’s Ector County, and I presume that was a typo.

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