August 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • I love one feature from Redacted nomination that save my Submission Pictures in an album. With Prime we just get a link through email, but please can we save the main photo in an album with Prime also?

  • Last question, missions rejected and aproved. Will be a feedback?

  • I noticed a lot of portals featuring large fountains have disappeared in my city, even if the portal was at the edge of the fountain, on dry land where agents "can interact with it". Please clarify "interaction" with a fountain - does it mean reach out with your hand and physically touch the falling water?

  • There is a rumour going around that the recursion badge is retiring once Redacted has retired. Can you confirm this for us please, thanks.

  • Is prime will be compatible with 2g networks? Redacted is capable of playing on 2g and Prime does not.

  • Will Niantic add the icon that shows where upcoming portals are located with distance to portal, like they currently have in redacted.

  • Hi. Do you (Niantic) plan to turn back to printed biocards with passcode? If not yet planed, request you offer digital delivery kits for those who can’t pickup onsite and printed for the agents attending anomalies or mission days. We miss printed biocards! :-)

    thanks in advance!

  • OPR: Are you going to change guidelines once Redacted gets shut down? Now with prime and pogo you can send 2 pictures, but even with a good view if the nominations does not have a Street View Update it will to be approved.

  • In OPR, are there any plans in the works to update criteria submission to specifically address church and apartment volleyball and swimming pools. And track agents who submit obviously non qualifying portals and enact bans on those submitting vulgar pictures.

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    Will NIA consider treating all military portals (i.e. including those that are "grandfathered") as invalid? It seems to me that a portal which is not accessible to the public should not be there. Such portals can cause lots of issues and bad feeling in the community if they are abused (which unfortunately has happened in my community). In the UK, such portals are, as far as I am aware, considered prohibited places under the Official Secrets Act 1911, which means that there is no safe access.

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  • In addition to my previous OPR questions, what are thoughts on these fast food play grounds? There seems to be differing views on these. My thought is that if apartment pool and pavillions are a 1 star, I see no reason to approve these enclosed play lands.

  • I still remember your previous promise during 2018 Australia NL tour: Niantic was considering to provide official authorization for some third-party services or tools.

    Do you remember it too?

  • Andrew, can we PLEASE have a new stat-based tiered medal? Find my TG message if you want to check what our ideas were ;-) We'd love to have them!

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    Will there be an option to manually trigger portal health refresh when defending? Currently you can do this in redacted but not prime, which makes defending portals harder.

  • Can we get added functionality to Prime to add a new photo to an existing portal?

  • When u submit a proposal, you have to inform about the location but you dont know if the proposal has another one near of 20 m. If it is real this constraint, the submission process has to put a poka-yoke to avoid proposals near the current ones

  • 1. why high level resistance agents who are cheaters can't be terminated?

    2. when intel will be upgraded?

    3. when resistance portals get spoofed..they get reinstated at once..while the other faction rarely reinstated..although the agents get terminated..why is this happening?

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