August 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • Are there any news regarding the ingress merchandise shop?

    I'd like to spend all my money in useless stuff like pins and stuff to make me hated by the other faction.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    I submitted a basketball court on the edge of the court out of the play area and it gets moved to the middle of the court and I send in an edit which was rejected by local agents therefore I appealed the edit and NianticKN denied my edit to fix it. Are we allowed to fix basketball court locations?

  • sisimeonsisimeon ✭✭✭


    The guidelines state that adult oriented services such as liquor stores, adult entertainment and **** ranges should be given a 1* rating. But what about **** ranges which are oriented at people of all ages? Many kids practice **** as a hobby, similarly to playing football or baseball. It's even a competition in the Olympics. Are all **** ranges to be given a 1* rating or are there exceptions when they are not adult-oriented?

    If yes, what about archery ranges?

  • Are the developers aware that (atleast on Android) portal attack notifications aren't grouped together?

  • Hi Andrew 

    You said in the last AMA that GPS lock isn't allowed. For example, if you are at an anomaly as a striker and you stand directly on the portal. In this situation GPS Lock can be very useful to avoid drifting around a few meters all the time. So is this considered cheating? 

  • Hello Andrew 

    In Redacted, as far as I know, GPS can be locked for 5 minutes before the app reports that the location is inaccurate. This is exactly the time of the portal cooldown, which gives the impression that this was programmed intentionally. 

    In Prime, the message appears after 60 seconds I heard. In Pokemon Go, someone told me GPS Lock is not possible at all. It looks like it is technically possible to prevent GPS Lock. Why didn't Niantic do it - neither in an earlier Ingress version nor in Ingress Prime? It doesn't seem that Niantic really wants to prevent GPS lock in Ingress. 

    If the game mechanics allow GPS Lock, it will probably be used - just my 2 cents 😉

  • Hello Andrew

    You said in the last AMA that GPS lock isn't allowed. With GPS Lock you lock your current Position, where you and your phone are. You don't change or manipulate the location, at least if you don't leave this place, right?

    I guess you know that location accuracy can be modified by activating or deactivating wifi, which can result in more drift. GPS Lock does not change your location, but by turning wifi on/off you deliberately try to manipulate your location (e.g. to increase the range). Would you also classify this as cheating?

  • A Badge for number of codename changes? 44 now and still counting...

  • MaktoMakto ✭✭✭

    In the future any possibility Prime will be able to send localized notification for events such as IFS or MD?. Even a monthly notification to engage agents to join in more events? Agents are missing the fun and friends!

  • Оставьте сканер в живых! Пазязя!

  • Is there possible that all recursed L16 agents have unlimited portal submissions and the ones that had recursed two times have remote submissions with no distance limit by the Prime scanner ? I think that the recursed agents should diserve more reliability in submissions and in case of abuse they would lose these rights by a full monitoration on this action.

  • The new field glyph is broken. Any intent to fix this?

    As any good agent knows it requires only four portals connected to make a field. The two extra points on two of the lines in the field glyph should be eliminated.

  • Hello, first time doing this. Personally i like redacted, because of my low gamma phone. So, Redacted will be erased, o will continue working?

  • Hope you had a great vacation. With the question part - What is the max speed when counting km for the trekker badge?

  • roarexroarex ✭✭✭

    What will niactic do with spoofer accounts that are leveled by real players, "hijacked" accounts of real players used to spoof and bought spoof accounts?

  • Second question, will be improvememts on OPR? Maybe a feedback? Why? Because of good portals rejection and really bad no portals request. In that way we can make it simple instead of send multiple request and reject multiple submissions.

  • What are the thoughts about the mass banning?

    How do we feel about the political going on within the the game that Carrie's over to First Saturdays

  • Hi Andrew,

    The recent banwave was directed at seller accounts, botfarms, and people buying gear. I salute the effort and am happy to see sellers & botfarms go.

    Is there anything similar forseen for 'mule' accounts?

    I understand that detecting mules is a lot harder, as some can be genuine accounts of inactive/retired players. Nevertheless, mules are a real gamechanger as the agents using these have the possibility to carry a multiple of items compared to regular agents.

  • Can we bring back the Recruiter badge again? I love to introduce new agents to this game and recruiter badge was a good motivator.

  • DreSt89DreSt89 ✭✭✭

    Hi Andrew, hope you had a nice vacation.

    After watching the anime and with all the stuff ingame about the dark xm, is Niantic finally going to create a 3rd faction?? One from the prime universe? That can wield dark xm instead of normal xm?? Because it seems that the game is more focused on making both factions work together rather than fighting each other for the future of mankind.

    Also, when will we get a true and reliable mission guideline? and an a update in the opr guidelines?

  • I love doing mission badges & large mosaics. In [REDACTED] I have a bright orange circle turning around the next portal & can click on the address. No address in prime and I have two tiny white lines around next portal. Is this being addressed in parity for prime?

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