Operational firestation with portal at the entrancy

Portal: quartel comandante soromenho


As you can notice on google street view this is a operational working firestation, one of the biggest in the district with a portal in front of it. Lots of people park their cars or just themselfs in front of the fire station to do raids. There are lots of complains at the local police station about it. Already had submited this appeal by e-mail and the portal wasnt removed. The statue of comandante soromenho is near the flags but that is a small garden without space to play, so the gamers are standing up in front of the quartel or just Parked up front with their cars and then the emergency services are not able to leave fast and properly. Just checkon google street view.


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    First, use the appeals template given in the Portal Appeals Guidelines. Second, you did not post your rejection email. Third, there is no protal at the coordinates you gave and Google Maps does not show a fire station at those coordinates either.

  • The fire station is here 38.8279989, -9.1664993

  • Not able to put a print screen, kinda noob im sorry. Is there any 1need to create another topic properly our can we remain on this one?

    Rejectation e-mail: 

    NIA operatives have reviewed your invalid Portal report. There is not sufficient evidence to remove this Portal at this time.

    Portal: Quartel Comandante Soromenho

    Rua Guil Herme Henrique Soromenho 10, 2670-536 Loures, Portugal

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