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This is my #glyphchallenge submission for the glyph Knowledge!

I was almost really late with this due to a field above my area but was able to squeeze in a glyph on the north end of town once the field went down. Like all of my submissions i did the composition of this glyph as well which just happened to be one other glyph “Less”.

Like all of my posts i want to again go into the composition and history of this glyph because it fits right in with all of our other glyphs. While i already stated the one composition that is there, there are 4 other glyphs it is very close to making if you follow the flow or direction of the glyph.

Glyphs 1 line away from being made

Body, Creativity, We/Us, I/Me/Self

I wonder why type of knowledge this glyph represents as its only true composition is less, which is odd to see in something that we strive to gain more of. Adding on the glyphs that it is closest to making within its pattern, it becomes a little more interesting as human and all indications of human other than body are missing. What type of Knowledge do you think this glyph represents?

Onto the history! While this glyph is not part of our Avatar glyphs it is once more one of the glyphs released before its sequences came into our scanner. It was first released in the Glyph Hunt in July in 2013 and then in the Lightman Decipherments in August in 2013, Sadly because of gplus’s **** i could not find Lightmans deeper post on the glyph but i do have link to the glyph hunt and decipherments below.…/09/i…/Lightman.png…

Knowledge was also part of the Helios Shards in September 2014, which was two months before the glyphs would enter our scanner in Nov of the same year.

Another interesting tidbit on this is that Knowledge was part of Lightmans Shards for Persepolis in 2015.…/investigation:lightman9.jpg…

I found this part interesting because i wonder if Primes Lightman has the same glyphs on his shards that we just couldnt see yet in prime? I am sure there are many different instances that Knowledge has been used in our history but sadly some of it is lost or hard to find with gplus gone. But still we are able to track down at least some of the history with these glyphs being spotlighted and most of them we can find have easily entered our scanners before the general public of agents were all exposed to them in 2014. I think theres reason for this still, just like i feel that these glyph challenges are creating sequences that we are all drawing on our maps.

For those interested in the Glyph Challenge sequences, they are below.

2018 glyph challenge sequence 

All capture creativity resistance/enlightenment pure harmony/peace.

2019 glyph challenge (purple)

Liberate human destiny (toast) victory mind

2019 glyph challenge (red)

Nemesis knowledge

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