Invalid Portal Report: Interference with hospital

Category: Invalid Portal Report

Title of the Portal: #1: Rainbow People

#2: Christus Der Eckstein

#3: Turtle Mural

#4: Finding Nemo Graffiti

#5: Graffiti Rock

#6: St. Bonifatius

#7: Stolpersteine Kann

Location: 50.579600 , 8.669337 (within a 100m circle)

City: Gießen

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Pls see this link:

Many user tried to remove miscellaneous portals at this place. For an example only 3 mails about 'Rainbow People'.

Photos to support your claim: Pls see this link:


In your Portal Criteria you name: 'PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT [...] Candidates that may interfere with the operations of [...] HOSPITALS'

Ok, please take a good look:

In this street are several hospitals, an emergency room and a base of ambulance - all at the same time.

1st pic: general 180° overview picture

2nd pic: to prove that this is the place of the portal 'rainbow people'.

3rd pic: to prove that this is the place of the portal 'Christus Der Eckstein'

you also see a blue ambulance in front the building. (There is no parking allowed for normal cars!)

4th pic: you see a lot of entries on the map of hospitals (Krankenhaus) and emergency (Notfall).

In front of these institution you can see the portals #1 to #3 (the three portals on the left).

But also this street have a dead end, is a one way street and also the portals #4 to #7 are in conflict with this hospital and emergency!

5th pic: same place but with satellite view. Take note about the dead end (rail road) and the really narrow streets.

6th pic: with-red ambulance on the spot

7th pic: entrance central emergency room (Zentrale Notaufnahme)

We try to remove these portals for a long time! Instead of being deleted they even come more portals. Not only the ingress players are a problem but especially the Pokemon players which come there in groups and with several cars (battle gyms or do raids). There is only a small (one way) street with virtually no allowed parking space. (Only a way to come and a way to go!) Cars just stop there an block the way.

This is very critical because several times per hour emergency vehicles rush in and out with siren and warning lights on. It should be obvious that the portals in front of the hospitals and on the access and exit routes disturb and interfere the normal operation.

AT LEAST the portals #1 to #3 must be deleted. Due to the traffic situation, however, all named portals (#1 to #7) should be deleted! Public safety should be preserved.

If you hafve any questions or suggestions do not hasitate to contact me.

Please take care! Thanks!


  • Since I know this situation well, I cannot confirm any interference with Hospital traffic. Emergencies and ambulances do not come by the way of the one way street or the portals in question.

    Traffic to the hospital comes by way of the road above through a separate entry, where there are no portals. Also the blue car in the third picture is not really an "ambulance", but a car of the local cab service which is parked in an area for deliveries, not emergencies.

    I have also never witnessed any crowds of people playing Ingress or Pokémon Go at any time. All of the portals in question are not directly in the area of the hospital, only in the closer proximity. If there are cars blocking the way, it's the personal fault of the drivers, not any portals in the vicinity.

    Apart from this, I have never heard of any complaints of players of any faction to remove these portals or by way of the hospital administration.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    First, you posted this in the wrong location. Invalid portal appeals goes in the Invalid Portals Appeals subforum.

    Second, only one portal per appeal and one appeal per post.

    Third, portals at hospitals are only removed if they are in the driveway of emergency vehicles or may interfere with the hospitals operations (ie inside the building). None of portals are inside the building, thus would not interfere with the hospital. And looking at the photos, none of the portals are located in the driveway of emergency vehicles.

    Finally, all but one of these portals are off hospital property. Citing their proximity to a nearby hospital is not a valid argument for removal. And for the one portal that is on the hospital property, the best you can argue for is that it lacks safe pedestrian access since there is no sidewalk next to it.

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