"Portal too close" Reinstatement request after original portal was removed

  • Category: Reinstatement Request
  • Title of the Portal: "Holliston Firefighters Memorial" (the 'too close' portal) / Holliston Fire Department (the portal that was removed that it was "too close" to)
  • Location: 42.199748,-71.427670
  • City: Holliston, Massachusetts
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A
  • Photos to support your claim:

About a week ago, the Holliston Fire Department portal was removed, which makes sense because it was specifically for the Fire Department and those are valid removals.

In March 2018 I submitted and got approved the Holliston Firefighters Memorial, which is in front of the Fire Department. It's not in the way of emergency vehicles,, there is a public sidewalk directly in front of it, and street parking across the street from it.

Here's a screenshot of the portal approval, but too close email I received in March 2018.

Here's a Google Maps street view link so you can see that the memorial isn't in the way of any emergency services access. The old portal was also very close by where the Fire Department sign is.

My request is to have the Holliston Firefighters Memorial portal go live.


  • I don't believe that your category is one that is listed in the portal appeal guidelines, but my main question would be would it not just be easier for you or another agent to resubmit this portal?

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