Let's bring back the Seer medal.



  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Badges don't force us to do anything. Agents do that on their own terms. Not everyone wants every badge in the game.

    As far as Seer goes, since there is a limit on how much you can submit, bringing it back wouldn't hurt anything. You can only submit so much...well unless of course, agents have multiple accounts, but that wouldn't really affect the Seer badge.

    As for the poi DB having poor subs or just junk approved, that is on the Wayfarer team to actually filter and review what is being approved. (ie "Memorial Bench" poi)

  • Seer badge is technically never history since there are regions with still open early days of ING nominations (saw a photo in the Wayfarer forum) that are eligible for the badge.

    Even though this is the case, the badge should stay closed.

    However, there are some things on the Recon badge/discovered Portals count that are pretty anoying:

    -Discovered Portals only count Portals submitted via Ingress. I got around 150 discovered Portals on my stat while I discovered over 300. However, the Recon badge counts agreements of your account. I had the Onyx Recon badge before even having access to OPR/Wayfarer.

    -Wayfarer and OPR are still some total different platforms. The Recon badge would need a new description including Wayfarer.

    - Discovering Portals is a thing that depends on your play and submit area. This makes the whole process unfair.

  • No, it support those who got the highest Wayfarer priority. Just two examples:

    The first photo shows my nominations I made in vacation. It took around four days until they were fully reviewed. My hometown has a no priority of over 3 years. A badge would be super unfair, the Recon badge in comparision is based on the work you put in, not the priority you have.

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