Ban appeal doesnt seem to go through

So, according to this post:

They want people to appeal,

So i did, but all you staff members seem to do is to close my conversation?

I have been a fair player,

But apareantly yall still seemed to ban me, but for what?

Yes i did carry alot of LVL8 items, but thats because i farmed alot, but is farming not allowed anymore? if so, no one can play the game,

I want answers, i wont rest...


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    if u did 100% get all items yourself then its weird you got banned... something is not right... appeal again :/

  • @mortuus the thing is, ive already tried appealing 5 times,

    i farmed them on my home portal, which my city friends helped keeping up and we all farmed there together, and often even went to the 2nd farming portal in my city to farm more

    and yes i could appeal agian, but i feel like they are ignoring me, since i dont get even a response back...

  • Ill just in case ping some ingress mods, they may not like it, but i prefer some answers

    @NianticBrian (Ive seen him active, i hope he doesnt mind)

    @NianticCasey (Seen before i think)




    Sorry Niantic staff, but i really want answers, it has been going on like this for a week...

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭
    edited August 12

    they usually wont answer you back after sending the email of ''after looking your account we have decided you are banned, create another account, bye'' which is the answer they always give to the majority if not all who appeal

    probably the system just dont close or send more ban appeals from the email which already got that answer back, so might be going to the trashcan

  • if they do that im disgust by them, i have always played fair, and then get banned for what?

    My first account got banned for cheating, which i did cheat on, but i created a new one and played fair, but it seems like these mods dont care, their "Close examination" must be "Oh he banned, k bye"

    DO they even care about their player base?

    i bet they dont care at all

  • Wallflower14Wallflower14 ✭✭✭
    edited August 12

    I think they took as a ban method the frequency of changing capsules with non-key items. I always thought that the purpose of the capsule exchange is to share keys, and even more now that they have put resonators, XMP and others in the store, this exacerbated item exchange will no longer be tolerated, especially high level items and VR mods. . Maybe Niantic thinks this: Agent, do you want good items? Get them through hacks. But if the creator's report of this topic got the items alone, he should not have been banned. But if if he passed several capsules of his homefarm to agents who barely hack, they may have interpreted it as a sale.

  • XQlusioNXQlusioN ✭✭✭✭


    i have always played fair

    My first account got banned for cheating, which i did cheat on

    I don't think you understand the meaning of "always"

  • @XQlusioN i am talking about this account, not the older ones ****

    and @Wallflower14 i havnt even used capsules that much, last few months i havnt even played, so i dont know,

    they better give me some answers instead of rudely close the conversation

  • @XQlusioN i am talking about this account, not the older ones, instead of being rude, try to be helpful, otherwise please dont interfere will ya

    and @Wallflower14 i havnt even used capsules that much, last few months i havnt even played, so i dont know really, hope they just contact me,

  • You all are not alone, I've seen three agents now in my community banned that didn't sell gear, didn't multi-account, didn't do anything on that list. All of them came to every fracking party we held and took their gear home used most all of it and gave a little bit to other friends. They were also avid farmers and glyphed everything. They were banned, no reason given and their appeals were rejected almost immediately.

    It's really hard to prove yourself innocent when you are assumed guilty. Our legal system at least gives everyone the presumption of innocence but not Niantic. It's even harder to prove innocence if you are not even allowed a fair trial and just immediately executed. This has cast a shadow over our new players in our community, everyone is scared they are going to be randomly banned for no reason. Please stop doing this.

  • @Brit0martis Exactly, and yes i did indeed cheat on my old account, but that was because personal things happened, but thats why i made a 2nd account, ive played alot with my local community, fielded a whole part of my city, together with other users, and had fun times, but then they just a random ban, it just makes me confused, ive traveled alot of KM's in my city to get to LVL 8, and i was so happy, but apareantly niantic thought to ban me, and never respond again, im still pissed about it...

    Hope they can just resolve this for once, since they ban the innocent

  • @GorillaSapiens exactly, if we would get details on our ban we could proof them wrong, its really annoying,

  • Sorry @RedSoloCup for the ping here, but as i saw you say in "Recent wave of bans" about appealing or asking an employee to check again, and i would appriciate if you would ask a other employee to check my account, since im getting very frustrated about being banned,

  • GlenuendoGlenuendo ✭✭✭✭

    @TGCFabian1 , I don't think that's gonna happen.

  • so basically niantic is screwing every player, and wont unban a fair player,

    Damn, $h!TH34Ds tbh, yes its rude, but its true, ive been fighting for months for lvl 8 and get banned for what!

  • ZhioonZhioon ✭✭

    @TGCFabian1 I feel the same frustration my wife did nothing illegal. Only she was in charge of having all the very rare objects of our community and that's why she was banned

  • @Zhioon yea, i just feel like niantic is literally banning people for fun now adays,

    "We have unbanned X players"

    So? we players are still banned, not the correct players,

    Im still frustrated, help desk does nothing, 0 responses, not even a message here, kinda giving up,

  • Excuse me but that's a really sorry state of affairs if you must have connections to get the system to work at all. Not everyone is going to have a friend on the inside of Niantic. That is really unfair to everyone else.

  • yeap, its really unfair, but they treat their players how they want, has been going on for almost 2 weeks now, and still no reply from any support, or anywhere else, think its just time to give up

  • Dealt with this situation. They will not respond (it's thier policy) and will close further tickets but will log evidence if you have more to send. They won't ask or answer questions as that would reveal the nature of your ban. They could and probably have someone investigating your situation. With so many bans and appeals it takes them a while.

  • SonicgottSonicgott ✭✭✭✭

    I'm rather worried about the number of players saying that they got banned and are unable to get an appeal.

    I myself have tried to remain fair, not behave like a ****, and stay nice to my opponents (albeit some trash talk, but just to be amusing).

    If I am ever banned from this game for any reason, I won't bother with an appeal process. I'll permanently retire from the game at that point, as well as their other games, and that would ultimately be lost revenue for Niantic. I don't ever want it to get to that point. I don't believe it'll ever get to that point, because I despise cheating and all of its forms, and I actively search for cheaters within the game.

  • @Sonicgott thats my plan too, i already abandoned POGO, wanted to get back into it with a friend, but i abandoned it,

    Ill give them 1 more month, or maybe less, then its goneski,

    Even more fun, a cheater didnt get banned, but the fair players did(heard from another player)


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