Who is this Dr Wright person everyone is mentioning?

The question came up on our Telegram channel for Operation Essex, who is the mysterious Dr Wright?

Well, he is the founder of Operation Essex, which purpose is to get to the truth behind the Niantic Project and other mysteries related to XM and how we interact with it.

He is mentioned in 'Ingress Origins', on a panel near the Zurich scene that also mentions Tycho. (than you @Metamorphis )

I also dug up an interview with him from 2015 on this page:


Hope that helps answer the question 'Who is Dr Wright'.

We know he was active with the Wydah and Waratah investigations that preceded the Niantic project. He might have had a hand in the selection of the original 13 researchers from the 1218 universe. We know he had Devra Bogndanavich as a student.

In Essex we have speculated that he may have fractured his mind from an RPE that he was not able to return from, and that he might be from another universal node.

There is a lot we don't know.


  • Hello Agents.

    I would be interested in knowing where the theory on Waratah Symposium and Dr. Wright ventured, was there a conclusive resolution or satisfactory answer to this?

    I might have some matters to add here in regards to Waratah Symposiums Location, potential topics initiated at the Corporate Lab, spanning the last few decades.

    The Quest is real, the order known to a few, given freely to all who seek, marvelous in design, it transcends the riffs or divisions, the substrates that are the binding matters of reality, work in harmony, void of control and out of manipulation.

    Seeking to give what is entangled to the sincerest of desires, creating marvels for all senses that define your non-locality of bio-holographic sensory existence.

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