Resetting/clearing the Bonus Location

It's a known fact that after a year of choosing the Bonus Location, you can set and change it for another year. It's been over a year since I've had my bonus location set, but I haven't exactly decided where I wanted to review and assist elsewhere (which I've been eyeing the megathread for a while). I still get a whole range of portals from the Bonus Location quite frequently, often more than I do locally.

But what if all I wanted to do was to no longer receive requests from the Bonus Location and just focus on where I currently am (ie locally)? Sure, this could be as simple as setting the Bonus Location to a city in the same country (which would be no fun) but then you would pretty much be unable to change it for another year once again.

I don't want to complain, but I spend more time in the bonus location either researching about the submission, trying to find it in a very poorly placed location marker, and/or it has virtually no Street View whatsoever quite often. I spend a good amount of time keeping up my integrity in reviewing and giving all submissions a fair go with a supporting review, but it's just the same submissions in the middle of the street or they're just completely inaccurate that there is no hope to find it after a few minutes.

All that I request is that once the Bonus Location has elapsed for one year, that the user is able to just clear or reset their bonus location without any ramifications or limits that they cannot change their bonus location again for a year, and just be able to nominate another place again arbitrarily.

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