I wonder if it is a threat and should I get some help


Around L8 days I neutralized some res portals(to earn AP), the second day I was threatened by portals' owner, which makes me feel unsafe. Can I do something to protect me?

OK, here's the thing:

It starts on August, 7th, after getting my missions done and walking out from portal farms, I notice a big resistance field nears me, since I was lack of AP and want upgrading to L13 ASAP. I located the central portal and neutralized it. During the attack, the owner said nothing. And I get L13 in my pocket.

After 2 days(August 9th) I heard everyone talking about L8 days which can earn you 2x AP. It is an opportunity getting more AP and upgrading fast. So I walked out and saw the field I attacked 2 days ago got rebuilt, I attacked it once again. Again, during the attack the owner said nothing. As I switches places, something happened:

The first is, after 2 hours from the initial attack, the portal owner @KAMEERU322813 messaged me:

What he said:

Hey, why you show up so often in here, I feel so sorry for did not "welcome" you

I was attacking another portal during that time, so I did not reply him instantly. I replied him later with:

Oh, recently there's double AP earning. As a player who AFK long, it takes me out from sleeping and fills my AP bar

The second one is about another portal owner, he questioned me if I am cheating, and asked me show up in front of him.

23:18 Hey man, why don't I see anyone at gate?

23:24 How can you get passed of 4 AXA shields?

23:25 I knocked every cars parking at road and sees no one, are you hiding in ****?

23:26 You are cheating, don't you? Mother f**ker

23:29 Are you there? Show up in front of me

After getting my APs, I replied him:

23:30 Thanks for hint, I did not realized where I am is back gate

23:30 (How can I get passed of 4 AXA shields?) Of course XMP

23:32 I am not cheating, do not guess around. I have taken photos to prove myself, If you have any questions, ask NIA

23:33 If I'm guessing right, you are wearing white T-shirt

reply: Sorry but no

23:36 Whatever, I am just popping up to get 2x AP

23:37 Leaving, goodbye, have a good sleep

reply: 23:38 OK, there's still a few hours before 2x AP finished, maybe we can meet at IFS

23:42 May I say no because I don't want to get punched

reply: 23:46 I'm not that harming guys, don't put yourself at me

As times get passed, I got other portals neutralized and got my job done. The second day I woke up from my bed and sees these threatens:

08:08 Oh, Roger and copied that.

08:09 I've got a list of names and YOURS is in red, underlined. I checked it once, and I checked it twice.

08:36 While you attacking my portals at 7th~8th, I thought you are showing off. At that time there are no 2x AP and what the hell you attack my portals?

08:38 During night of yesterday you attack more portals and blocks me from linking, I recharged at 0:40 am at the gate of Sun-YatSen University, and you didn't stop

08:42 To respond your eager-to-get-AP request, I had recovered every portals you attacked and attack other enlighten portals ONE BY ONE. Oh, forgot to say, I'm responsible for those neutralized portals in Baoye Road at 8th, ONE BY ONE, BY ME

08:44 So this time I will let you know THE RESULT. You had it coming. What you have done made other enlighten agents lose their gains. Now you know what it brings?

08:48 To apologize, why don't you treat every enlightened and resistance agents living in the west of GuangZhou Avenue South a meal? Or I will let you kneel on the backside of CPU and suffer the pain

08:51 I want to apology to those enlighten agents who got impacted in this event, for neutralizing your portals hard. The purpose is to let him pay a price

08:54 Last but not least, don't get a resistance player primarily work overtime at design, as well as transportation, angry. After two and half years' AFK, are you really want to try competing me?

08:55 That's all. Looking forward to your treating.


Thanks for reading here! I have only two questions:

  1. Am I doing wrong?
  2. If no, how can I get help?

Thanks in advance! Sorry I can't post images letting you validating these, maybe later I will put them on.


  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭

    Be sure to let the local faction community know of this behavior and don't delete the screen shots. The attitude and aggressiveness could lead to future issues and having more is better when that possibly comes.

  • GlenuendoGlenuendo ✭✭✭✭

    I would submit a report for the exact reasons @SoylentGrien stated.

  • pitareiopitareio ✭✭✭

    Block in comm, but feel free to attack the portals you want as long as you abide by the rules. Portals don't belong to anyone.

  • Definitely report him to Niantic and document everything. He’s trying to intimidate you into quitting a game that you both have every right to enjoy.

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭

    Blocking in COMMs is your best bet, as others have said. Too many players get wrapped up in "their" portals. Meeting players from either factions can be fun and can lead to good friendships, but people who are abusive in COMMs can and should be avoided.

  • Thank you for everyone providing advices. I have already submit a report to NIA and now gets solved. But I still feels not comfortable. Perhaps I will still take some actions enhancing my safety during the game. Anyway, thanks all.

  • TabrisJTabrisJ ✭✭
    edited August 11

    Since it is happened in China. I think you'd better show us the orinigal Chinese text rather than your translation above.

  • VanJefferyVanJeffery ✭✭✭

    If you are being threatened you really need to call police. Niantic isn't an adjudicator for real world issues. For comms issues or threats report to the support bot.

  • A lot of players instantly jump into COMM and start to accuse others of cheating if their portals get destroyed.

    Just block him/her and carry on playing :)

  • Sounds like you're dealing with someone who's not worth your time. Report and block.

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