Mysterious opr measurements

One of the most confusing issues for me with my opr experience , is what is the criteria for approving a portal and welcome it to the portal network ; is it done by persentage ?? is it done by recumendations ?? , What can be done for only one opr agent in the middle of five cities ?? .. I reviewed 1060 portal with 116 agreements .. if it's persentage value why it's not approved since I agreed (which equal 100 % of votes) .. why there is not a clear scheme to make every one understands the full process correctly ?? Why it still beta version after almost a year ?? Alot of questions that have no answers and needs alot of clarification


  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    There is no way the OPR system will ever be fully fleshed out. Saying Beta is probably an apt description of the system since there are a lot of things they can improve along with bug fixes. Also reviewing a candidate doesn't mean that candidate instantly gets enough votes to decide its fate. I have visited countries that have candidates from Pre OPR days in the review system and most of them were selfies. These candidates even though are easy rejections but won't ever get a decision until possibly years later when Niantic decides to finally do something with them. As a result they are just bloating my review numbers indicating a couple 100+ extra reviews I have done with no agreements ever for now.

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