OPR Improvement: Bringing "why your suggestion is important" to the top on mobile


I've done a couple of tests that made me decide to open this thread.

A few weeks ago I submitted several landmarks with the prime scanner. A few days ago, many were rejected. (Nobody has been accepted yet) I've written a detailed explanation with a link (via bit.ly to watch the clicks) for location verification. This link was only viewed once.

So I think the "Why is your suggestion important?" point should be over the point "Should this be a portal?" to clarify the reviewers, who often do not even bother to scroll down, the meaning of this portal (Only on mobile devices)


  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not a bad suggestion.

  • I'm not clicking dodgy links!

    If I can see the actual domain I might, not if they are shortened urls.

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭

    Yes, not bad suggestion so many people dont even bother to read that i bet that is why local hotspot or local important places just get deny and all you get accepted are parks, courts, churches, etc

  • I couldnt use the original link because it was to long. So I decided II use bitlink and make the experiment

  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not a bad idea, but I'm afraid that if the problem is those OPR reviewers who don't bother scrolling down, this wouldn't help either :/

    Anyway, an "extra data" box is always a useful thing to have.

  • RK45RK45 ✭✭

    Its not a bad suggestion, but with the links i really dont like clicking on it unless i can verify its safe to do so.

    With OPR however I've noticed influx of fake submission for few portal (containing the same image). I had 3 (within the span of 1 week) which were approximately 30 min drive from my place (with the same photo) I've seen that photo before on OPR so I decided to go for a quick street view drive and saw nothing. so I got in my car and went to each of those locations and saw nothing there (at least i got my unique portal badge up on the way lol) .

    Most portal request are legitimate but some are very hard to determine weather its legitimate or not. For example I've gave a 4(*) on a portal in Melbourne from the picture and from google maps it seems like a legit possibility as Gmaps didn't update as of yet. I remember that nomination because it looks like a cool place to visit. I went to Melbourne on Saturday just to find out there's nothing there and its only a residential property. Hopefully others have rejected it.

    I highly suggest portal reviews should be your local area (up to 75km) before going around to others. Most people know the area and reviewers like me who are willing to go for a drive to confirm the nomination (when its not on google maps & play a bit when getting there ) will be a better idea.

    One thing I'll highly recommend though is the reason for rejection. They do not need to disclose the Agents name whoever she or he is but the reason for rejection should be going to the nominee or submitter- so if there's anything they have to improve (eg pic quality, more info, better description ect.. ) will be a great feedback for them to resubmit it.

    eg: the feedback on the review should be shown

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