Problems with the editing window for posts requiring manual approval

Earlier today, I created a new discussion that had an important date error in it. It's a silly mistake, especially since I checked and reread the post several times before posting. If it had been posted immediately, that would not have posed a problem: I would have immediately shared the link, others would have noticed the mistake and I would have been able to correct it within the hour after posting.

However, the post was flagged for manual review. I'm not sure how long it took before the post was approved, but it certainly took several hours and I only noticed it was approved 6 hours after posting. That's problem nr. 1: there was no notification that my post was approved, so I had to wait longer than necessary before being able to share it with friends.

After I shared it, someone quickly noticed the mistake. However, it was already too late to edit the post. To top it all up, I was not even able to remove the discussion and post a corrected version, though I would have prefered editing it over reposting. I tried to look for a way to message the moderators with a question, but there was no way to do that, so I asked Niantic support if it was possible for the moderation team to make the edit. They told me no, so I finally settled for a reaction in which I clarified the date error.

I honestly think it's problematic that you lose all control over the content you posted once the first hour after posting it has passed. There has to be some way to edit or remove your own posts. I would be able to settle for a system where you have to get edits and removals approved by the moderation team, but no edit or removal options is too much, especially because in this case my post was not approved within the hour after posting. In the case of manual review, the editing window should become at least 24 hours after posting to make it fair.

I do understand where the restrictions come from, but they're a bit too strict as they are now. If this policy continues I will seriously consider posting my stories elsewhere on a platform where I can remain in control of the post (most likely on reddit). That would be a pity, because this platform has much to offer if it's used well.

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