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    He isn't getting it. Parks aren't the only area meant for HPWU. I don't even understand the complaints harry potter has almost all of the same amount of POI that ingress does. Instead of focusing on a single park he needs to go look for other open areas such as a downtown square for example that has eligible objects.

  • That's the point of parks.... parks are community gathering places design before they are built. They should have more portals than your standard city street. That's why parks are used for events by niantic for all games. If I was wrong in my thoughts, then niantic should be wrong too. Hmm.

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    Parks are perfectly good places to play Niantic games. But that doesn't mean they have to be covered in portals. You can play just as well in a park with a handful of portals. That's what you're not getting, Niantic never said parks need to be full of portals just that many things in a park fall within criteria.

    Niantic adding extra Pokestops for events has no relevance to this conversation. Those are special events. They don't leave the stops there after it's over, so by your logic that must mean they don't want that many in parks right?

  • Disagree. But hey that's the point of asking niantic on their forum....

  • One should not have to paint something just to get it approved. It's still the same item. How pink trash cans are allowed. Yet real things at parks people are rejecting has no common sense....

  • Of the things you’ve suggested as new portal options, I think maybe the water fountains have the strongest argument for them; but I wouldn’t bet that NIA would go for it. I think overall you should ask about these things in the next AMA, but you’re going to need to have a lot of really good reasons why each would fit the “spirit of the game”. Are they a public place where people gather, do they promote exercise/well being/adventure/learning, are they historically or culturally important/interesting, are they artistic/unique, are they a place for spiritual enlightenment/meditation? They need to fully fit in one or more of those categories. All the way in, not like a toe in. I fully understand the pain of rural communities when it comes to this and a lack of valid and submittable things; it’s very frustrating. But, you should definitely also try spending a lot of time exploring your community. There are usually a bunch of things that you and a lot of people aren’t even aware of in your community. There are apps that help you find historical markers, you can research geographic markers and historic registries, you can check out churches for statues and monuments, you can check restaurants for murals, fountains, and statues. You can also check local businesses for such things. You can also get in touch with your local arts council or parks and recreation and see what you can do to add good stuff to your community. Heck, they might even give you and your fellow agents/trainers/wizards permission to make trail markers, signs, murals, and other things for the community. A lot of that isn’t that difficult or expensive to make. You can also try talking local churches and other organizations into little free libraries. There are a ton of ways that you can help out your community that will in turn turn into valid candidates. Also, photosphere stuff. Google doesn’t always run the street view car through small towns very often. That helps a lot too.

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    Ingress used to be go out and find a unique area by locating portals that contribute an interesting story, unique location, find artsy places. Now with the "hyper-active" locations is just becoming a game full of garbage portals. Takes away from the orgins of Ingress. Fast food restaurants, their playgrounds, every silly bench coverings, these should never be portals. Not unique, not interesting. Ingress and the other games of Niantic is not to constantly bring players to one area, its for them to go out and explore.

    I say nay to your idea, good person.

    "Oh what's that portal?"

    "Its a container of dog feces, cool..."

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    I think this timerguy work as something at some park and can't leave it all day, so want every pebbles to became powkistops and hogats castles.

  • Why would a park rules sign be rejected?

    @Hydraulinski .... Nope don't work at the park.

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    Because it does not meet the criteria for a high quality portal.

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    A sign labeled "Park Rules 2" should be denied as you are stating there is another sign already with the rules.

    Park Rules signs already is a iffy submission, its possible to get approved but unlikely, but a second rules sign for the same park is an auto deny.

  • Parks are already eligible, and there's a point to play in even the most basic of ones with the submission of the park itself. I don't see what you're getting at. You already can play the games at a park.

  • Nope. The other sign doesn't exist in game. The sign 1 is not legible so since it was near pavilion and playground marked 2. I labeled as sign 2.

  • Parks have rules that need to be followed. Niantic has TOS and OPR guides/help that players need to follow. Park rules signs meet educational & information signage. And are located in the park by areas where people can read them. Knowing the park rules is valuable to the players to ensure they are following the rules for the parks.

  • Portals can be informational/educational and approved. They aren't pretty and things are defined that parks are common amongst the world. Per the guide and help they should be allowed.

    Park signs would be similar to a trail marker which gives people directions to go. Park rules tell them what they can and cant do at a park. They should be allowed.

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    Give it a rest. You are NOT going to get generic signs and poop stations approved.

  • @TimerCIock Not necessarily. Your logic leads to traffic signs and restaurant menus being good candidates. If a point of interest isn't interesting, don't be surprised if it isn't accepted into a point of interest database

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    @TimerCIock can you post pictures?

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    So you are making up the fact that its a second rules sign as its not numbered that way. Just submit it as "Park Rules" then, granted its still a low quality submission and likely to be denied. As mentioned its not educational one bit. Its not interesting, its generic.

    You reference that people keep telling you things need to be unique, its not just that, things need to actually meet the criteria. Like ive mentioned here and reddit, submit valid things like Playgrounds, Sports Fields, Dog parks, Skate Parks, Trail Markers, Art Installations etc. Its not difficult, and if that park doesnt have any of that submit somewhere else. Stop trying to make poor things fit a criteria they clearly dont.

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    @TimerCIock Provide proof that you even know what OPR is.

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    He got bronze medal. But I believe he is misunderstanding how it works.

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    As others have said, most of thsoe seem unsuited for portals.

    Though I definitely agree about the picnic sites. I suppose it can be argued that the tables are moveable, but if the city has zoned an area for picnic and it has more than one table (and there's likely a fixed trash can or somesuch), it feels like portal material to me. And around here, picnic sites are the only thing of interest to be found in some of the smaller city parks. So if those are not acceptable, then those parks remain portal-less.

    Same goes for firepits along nature trails. Firepit with bunch of benches surrounding it? Those are admittedly not visually interesting, but are obvious gathering spots and promote exercise and exploration. Fits the nature of the game well enough. Though the ones I've tried to submit have always got rejected.

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    They don't want fire pits as there is fires lit and don't want people running to the portal when there is an event going on.

  • People don't run to a portal if there is an event going on. Most people have common curiosity. This is an idiotic response.

  • I disagree. Each one has it's own value. Some more than others.

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    How is it idiotic? The reason the answer to these is a no is due to safety. Do you want a bunch of pogo players running for a rare pokemon at a stop or crowding the pit for a raid?

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    Well, most of people disagree with you. This mean you are in the wrong side of the discussion.

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    Myself and @kholman1 don't agree on much, but for this I do and what they have said isn't idiotic in the slightest.

    A fire pit on a trail is in not going to be accepted due to saftey concerns, and I cant see Niantic wanting to encourage people to visit open fires where there are no saftey protocols in place.

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    I can do a firepit in front of my house. Should it be accepted? It's open field, public Access, interest for the community, will improve gameplay, etc.

  • Fireplaces and pits are quite common portals in Finland. You can find those on most hiking routes, beaches and more rural areas.

    Actually those POIs are more likely to be accepted than trail markers due their nature.

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