Please update the Guide Allowing - Park additional fixed features

Can some new things be allowed for parks? Examples... Drinking Water Fountains, picnic sites, community piers, boat ramps, bicycle racks, dog poop stations, restroom areas, power towers?

Parks promote community gathering and exercise. Having more portals in parks would make things much easier as it allows better coordination and helps the rural areas out with some additional portals they may not of have before. Yes these may not be unique and pretty, but they are physical things that people can use/see daily at a park and are fixed so they can't easily be moved.

Drinking Water Fountains - Promote hydration in a game where you have to walk a lot, it makes complete sense that it is a portal as a result.

Picnic Sites - Picnic tables and fixed grilles actually bring people to the park for cooking meals. They promote community gathering and coordination.

Community Piers - These are in parks and are man-made features at natural water features all over the world. They are used for community to fish and swim off of, which is promoting exercise!

Boat Ramps - These are in parks and are man-made features at natural water features all over the world. They are used for community to fish, boat, swim at which is promoting exercise.

Bicycle racks - These are what people use to hold their bike while they are exercising or dealing with the birthday party.

Dog Poop Stations - These are becoming more common at parks, so people can clean up the mess their animals do. They are used daily by the community. They end up bringing pet owners together to talk and mingle.

Restroom Area - They are usually fixed structures in parks. They are used daily by the park visitors.

Power Towers - They are not pretty structures, but in parks they do exist. They are massive structures that architecturally keep the power lines in the air. They are in my opinion similar to Water Towers and Silos as they are a utility structure that has some architecture features.



  • People are rejecting the rentable grilles and picnic tables at parks. Not all spaces at parks have pavilions but grilles and other picnic tables should be allowed.

    Community piers they are rejecting. I've literally had numerous submissions rejected.

    How are bike racks at other areas like gyms allowed. But not at a park? It's a fixed structure and used with exercise?

    Dog poop stations are promoting community cleaning which includes exercise at a park. What logic do you have that they are not used full? In a way it's also considered a information sign that is useful at a park when animals are present!

    Restroom areas are rejected at a park why? People use them while at the park. It's literally a fixed structure in a park. With sports games present it is used daily more by the community than most things.

    Community concession stands should be another one promoting a gathering place.

    Power towers would be considered similar to a water tower or silo. All 3 are massive architecture structures that's are used for utilities for the community. Silos are good. Water towers are water. Power towers are your electric. Them not being approved makes no sense. Especially as it would help rural areas. I'm talking metal structures not telephone poles.

    Drinking fountains. What logic does it not having a waterfront as a portal? It's in a park and a hydration place for people playing the game! Where do you think the community gathers at when at the park. Sports teams promote hydration during sports activities....

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    @RedSoloCup I know the AMA was closed (sad I missed it!) But this person has become pretty infamous with submissions of bad POI and won't listen to reason. Any chance this can be answered?

  • Problem with ingress players they want pretty things. Half of the world doesn't half pretty things. Yet it still has people who want to play the game. Having more things in a park that is allowed would help many areas of the world lacking portals.

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    @TimerCIock Its not about pretty things, its about valid things. A lot of what you are suggesting are just generic things, like Power Towers, that is not special and not related to the park, or exercise, or community gathering. Water towers are only supposed to be accepted if they are designed and not generic.

    As far as the picnic/grills yea I can go both ways on this, generic wooden tables not bolted down are very basic.

    Water fountains, great concept promote hydration but again not special in anyway. Reach out to your park officials and see if they can be painted or have vinyl put on. Do extra to get portals.

    Fishing Pier, while personally i think these should pass. The ones ive seen you post look like someones random dock. Ask the city to install signage and then it will pass easy.

    Poop Station? Thats an absolute NOPE

    Ive seen park concession stands pass and go through

    Bike Racks - Generic Loop/Pole = nope

    Look for things in the part that are actually valid and within the guildlines and stop trying to make your own guildlines

  • @Kliffington Infamous. lol. You must be a everything has to be pretty type. Parks are not pretty. There has not been any valid reason besides oh i have 10k+ submissions and would reject this because its not unique. The point is rural areas need more submissions to keep people interested in the games, parks allow that because most already use them. Having people happy with more submissions is the goal we all want.

    If you read the guides the only valid argument is uniqueness, yet there are tons of non-pretty and unique portals already in the game. Yet for an example some churches complain about the portals being used. Some graveyards complain as well. Parks no one complains about as they are intended to have people at them.... OPR's only care about what is easy for them to approve. Allowing more things in parks is in reality the best idea for increasing more things at, because not many can complain about a park having too many people at.

    I do raid trains in Pokemon Go every week, the best areas are the parks, as we can get in and out quickly and they typically have some clusters of gyms. I play HPWU at a park, because where else can I sit for hours at a park playing without getting a complaint. Ingress has the power for all of Niantic Games for adding, we all know this. In the USA you have to use Ingress if you want more locations added, Niantic will even respond telling you that through the support responses.

    So here we are, at a disagreement, but when you take a step back and think, the point of the game is to get people outside and playing....... What better place than a park is there? Niantic even tells OPR's Parks are a 5 star automatic response.... Why would Niantic not want more portals in a park... If people say some are not safe for kids, Niantic also says adult entertainment places are allowed.... So how is kids allowed in adult entertainment places? The goal for OPR is to approve fixed permanent portals that make sense. Stuff at parks make sense!

  • @Kliffington My last point is where does Niantic hold events..... Parks.... They even add portals to parks for the events.... This even helps those events with having more portals...

  • @AgentB0ss

    Grilles are fixed and cemented in the ground. Picnic tables are in parks an are valid structures that promote community gathering. As a duo they should be allowed.

    Power Towers exist in parks. They are massive fixed structures that do not move. The park promotes exercise. Walking towards different portals in the park is promoting exercise. These structures are so massive they almost take up an entire 18 cell by themselves in the parks. I am not saying lets do Power Towers outside of parks. But in parks, it is a valid permanent structure that is easy for OPR to see on a Satellite, as they were there long before other things.

    Drinking water fountains, shouldn't have to all pretty. They are actually prettier than some of the decorative trash cans people have gotten approved over the years... A trash can is allowed which doesn't promote anything except being painted pretty. Drinking water fountains promote exercise by providing Hydration. Something that is very important during exercise... Hydration....

    Fishing Piers at Parks only... Not a residential pier. They don't look different but meet the criteria of the guide. A man-made object on a natural body of water. Used for adventorous activities. Somewhere the community can gather and exercise. Because fishing is a physically active activity people do on a daily basis.

    Poop Stations... A lot of players have dogs they walk daily. Why shouldn't players with service animals have a stop that they can use while walking their dogs? This falls under informational and community gathering. As it is a place for dog walkers to walk too to clean up the event after their dogs made a mess. We are promoting cleaning. Niantic promotes cleaning on Earth Day....

    Concession Stands are a hit or miss. Depends on the OPR. No guide allowing them currently.... So technically the ones that are approved are invalid.

    Bike Racks are used with exercise. People park there bikes at them.... They are bolted physical structures that are used daily across the world. Some are approved. I have literally seen some approved because of a pretty paint job.

    There isn't much allowed in the guides and some of the things contradict each other.... Example. Playgrounds are allowed, but ingress says no to schools, yet HPWU has nests at schools.... The guides need to be updated and compatible with all of the games and more things need to be allowed. This is one reason why half of the world still doesn't have any portals and Niantic is hit with daily emails complaining about needing more added by people all over the world..... There is a monthly update of the AMA's with @RedSoloCup yet the guides are never updated anymore after something is decided.... Someone from Niantic needs to start following up with that to prevent any confusion moving forward. The AMA August is 8 pages of junk.... 75% doesn't even matter or is not even following the rules established by Red... I'd of closed that too because it was the same stupid questions over and over. Not many actually asking for more portals being added. The point of the AMA's page is to ask valid questions that pertain to the game. Not the stupid BS that most of the people entered.

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    You just want the rules to change to fit what you want. I don't have a reddit but I know who you are. I'm pretty liberal about what makes a valid portal and had been wanting to ask some questions in the AMA but it was flooded pretty quickly. But you seem to want people to play around electrical towers which extends well beyond a reasonable POI.

    I already know it's not worth arguing with you. Hopefully you can make it to an official AMA and someone can answer in a way that will get through.

    I hope you keep bringing up the HP school nests so they'll get removed.

  • We don't control whats in a park, it was built well before this game existed for most parks. Fixed physical structures are what happens to be in them and they aren't always pretty like OPR's want. Just because they aren't where you play the game doesn't mean that you should **** a submission for people who can use it because they are limited in their areas for POI's.... If society didn't want these structures, they wouldn't be all over the world... If you disagree with these POI's, than you shouldn't submit them. But others who are limited should be able too and get them approved. Because the fact of the matter they exist and they do meet some of the criteria making them eligible. A highway in the middle of a desert, you still have these there... Yet you have nothing else for the most part.... It gives growth to areas that need it...

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    "Power Towers exist in parks. They are massive fixed structures that do not move. The park promotes exercise." - This is a logical fallacy, saying because its in a park and a park promotes exercise a power tower promotes exercise and should be a portal. Thats not how it works.

    Grilles & Picnic tables - This is tough and I get your logic, however they are pretty basic and you can keep trying and maybe eventually get them through.

    Water Fountain - But its still just a water fountain, not everything should be allowed to be a portal. Work with your City to get trail markers put on the trail, or better signage for other things. You are better off working as a cause for good in the community and working with your city to promote the park and better it for all then try and get poor submissions approved. But it sounds like you want the easy/lazy way out.

    Poop Station..... NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

    Fishing Piers at Parks - I agreed here already and made a suggestion, get the town to install a sign or marker here for it.

    Bike Racks - Generic everywhere, not visually appealing - NOPE not happening. Again not everything needs to be a portal.

    While personally I am a PoGo Player, this is Ingress not any other game and the submissions need to meet the requirements on Ingress and Ingress alone.

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    The park you submitted the electrical tower in is FULL of actually eligible POI. You have it very very very good. There are areas where parks don't have a sign and consist of a few benches, none of which will ever get passed. You need to realize if Niantic wanted everything to be a portal they would have stuck with the old system. This system isn't perfect and valid submissions get denied a lot but what you are doing is bending over backwards trying to fit things into the criteria instead of finding things that apply. Get involved with your city parks/art and culture department and see if you can get more things added. Donate little free libraries to the park. You can do something to improve the game and your town instead of bitching that mean OPR agents don't want to accept ELECTRICAL TOWERS (that don't fit any criteria) because they aren't pretty.

  • I am glad you have time to do as much as you can for your community. Unfortunately, I have limited time to do things, and I work during the day to where i can never do as you ask. The game has rules... None of which are really followed. You have legit arguments where they fall under the criteria in the game.... Yet because it isn't pretty you are coping an attitude. The thing is, they are real. They exist. And they should be approved as they do meet criteria.

    I am doing something to improve the game and my town. You just have a difference of opinion. Doesn't mean we are both wrong. Doesn't mean if they are approved that you have to submit them in your town. But giving people the opportunity to submit valid submissions that meet criteria in the game should be allowed. That is the point of this website....

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    @TimerCIock No one is coping an attitude, and I work full time as well. There is such thing as email and you can reach out to your town council and talk to them through email. I have multiple times reached out to my about adding additional art around the city and have been successful.

    I am not saying something has to be pretty to be approved. I also live in a rural area that needed a lot to make the game playable, but most of the stuff you are suggesting are clearly against what should be approved. People arn't ignoring the rules in OPR you are trying to pend the rules to make them fit your needs. Theres a difference, no where does it say a Electrical tower should be approved. Also the pier you mention its a man made thing at a natural feature, sure you are right but generally for something like that to be approved it needs signage. Signage is very important without it there isnt much context.

    You keep mentioning stuff that meets the criteria but most things you've posted don't actually meet the criteria.

  • That is the point. There is and will always be a difference of opinion. The point is you view it as not being unique, you are arguing your point. I am arguing my point because they exist at parks, where the games were intended to be played at. You may want to read above and see the criteria they all meet.. As I did give valid points as to why they should be allowed. Everything we submit, 90% doesn't have a guide and could be easily rejected as well.

    Example. A private residence shouldn't have a portal. So should I go remove the White House from being a portal? Because it is a private residence that can't be accessed easily. No i shouldn't because its a legit place. If you agree with me on no to the white house being removed. Then your argument is mute as my argument is correct. Real things can be approved if they can be seen from OPR review. Some things easier than others... So those real things in your opinion shouldn't be approved, then the White House shouldn't have one as a result.

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    I get some of your frustrating for sure, I play in a rural area, most of my area is still submitted and approved by me. Instead of harping on stuff that the community doesn't agree on being portals. Find stuff the community does agree on.

    Examples: Art, Sculptures, Murals, Historic Buildings (Historically Listed, Culturally Important), Large Town Clocks, Playgrounds, Sporting Fields, Little Free Libraries, Churches, Park Signs, Trail Markers, Park Shelters, Exercise Equipment (In Parks), I am sure you can find these things to submit.

    And you know what for stuff like your boat launch/pier keep trying with or without a sign and maybe you will get lucky.

  • @AgentB0ss Thanks for your examples. But just like me you have things on your examples that are not defined in OPR. So your breaking the rules too submitting things and getting them approved because there is no official guide for them. Little Free Libraries and sports fields are not in the guide currently.

    Exercise equipment was just rejected.... Literally had one which started the frustration.

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    @TimerCIock While things may not be in the Guide, they are in the AMAs. I do agree that the AMA information should be more widely available in the suggested POI Guide.

  • Holy hell finally an agreement.

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    The exercise equipment he's referring to was a small piece of a larger playground. I'm sure their local agents are aware of his trying to game the system (each BBQ grill submitted as seperate portals) that they are much less likely to give them the benefit of the doubt when they try to submit pieces of a larger unit.

    No one is breaking the rules by submitting. You tend to throw out really outlandish claims to make your point and it's not helping your cause. Let's say for instance you are right about the White House (you're wrong), it would be grandfathered in so it shouldn't be removed unless the White House is no longer there.

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  • I am going to get some help with that mural. lol.

    The point I am making is Guide's haven't been updated in forever. More **** should be allowed by Niantic as a result. There are things out there that they shouldn't question especially when satellites can easily see it and OPR's can't say it doesn't exist. I may not get all of my ideas, but some are valid.

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    Wow how is the currently acceptable items in a park not enough? Picnic tables and grills without a covering technically are easy to game for one the grill itself is invalid due to it be used to cook. There is a difference a lot of times a pavilion has several picnic tables and promotes longer community gatherings a table under the trees is usually just a place to eat a meal.

  • We use picnic tables and grilles for wizards because we sit at the park for hours.

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    I play ingress and pogo. Here is the issue they have actually relaxed the guidelines on parks. Used to basic things such baseball fields and playgrounds were rejected. All of the things you mentioned is basically saying anything in the park should be a portal. I mean yes I want new portals but you mentioning dog poop stations, charging areas, boat ramps, restrooms is in appropriate. They want points of interest not just anything that exists in a park. A picnic table is not a point of interest. Pavilion gazebo etc yes as they are used for events. I am a part of a local XFAC community has has agents playing all 3 games and we brought up the point about just picnic areas the general consensus has always been to deny them.

  • @kholman1. Niantic wants people in parks. More things should be allowed by niantic to have more people at parks. It's simple. It's not a lie. It is a fact. What the old rules prior to HPWU, there should be new rules because of HPWU. HPWU wants people playing at parks. More POI's the better. So people need to start thinking of others. Every thing I stated has a reason why they should be approved. Just because they aren't pretty or unique and are typical at parks should make them allowed. Baseball fields, pavilions and playgrounds look the same across the world. If they are fixed objects in a park it should be allowed. Even if you don't agree with it. It's not a generic business. It's a safe location as it's in a park. Its not a personal property. The guide tells you if it's near a natural body of water and a man made object to approve. Just because some don't have pets and others do they should have the opportunity to have specific portals they want to use for their routes if they are fixed items. How people want to argue that the above items are not logically legit items is still mind blogging. They all exist and are real items. People should go to a park and see what's real. I have 17 parks and adding a few more things to each would help the player base around each park. Wizard challenges in HPWU takes a lot of energy to play daily. You need more portals in parks to make them work more effective, as currently because of the limitations some parks don't even have a fortress. OPR is a review for all games not just ingress. OPR's need to realize the other games should have criteria in the guides for them. Because each game is different.

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    OPR's need to realize the other games should have criteria in the guides for them. Because each game is different.

    Each portal should be rated alone. Nearby amount of portals should not be taken as criteria of rating one of them (except checking for duplicates).

    You are just asking for anything insignificant thing that exists to became a POI. That's not how this work. Get over it.

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