Message from the beyond

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright, founder of Operation Essex, sent a jumbled string of text he received to the investigations. After using ROT-18 to decode it, we were presented with the following message:

"This is Devra... If anyone is seeing this, please acknowledge. In certain phases we can see you. We tried to send you a warning through the scanner. Did you see it?"

What Devra means are probably the new glyphs and sequences that were discovered in the scanner a short while ago. It seems likely they might be instructions by the researchers. Investigators have suggested trying to send a message back either via glyphs, text or other mediums, for example via the glyph sequence 'We - See - Message - You - See - Response' in the glyph command channel.

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    How do you get into the Essex telegram?

    In any case, Devra stated that her secret weapon was "ingress agents, thousands of them, all over the world"

    I am guessing that it will take a coordinated effort worldwide to open the communication channel with Devra and the rest of the researchers

    This also might confirm what PA Chapeau meant when he said that he believed that Nemesis was not behind the glyphs showing in the scanner. It might have been Devra trying to communicate through the portals.

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    Want new destination ignore consequence

    hide struggle advance strong together

    Xm create complex human destiny

    contemplate field persue human legacy

    some level 8 messages i just recieved, there were a few that got my attention before i started writing them here and i dont remember exactly what they said but they were very much along the lines of banding together for strength and starting a war

    the first message above tho kinda struck me as a request

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