NIA-Ops Update: Item Seller Bans

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In order to promote fair gameplay and preserve the integrity of the game, we have identified and banned 8,000 accounts that violated our Niantic Terms of Service. Specifically: 

  1. Farming items for item sellers
  2. Delivering or distributing items for item sellers
  3. Purchasing or sharing items from item sellers

Please note that TOS violations like these will result in immediate action and may not receive a three-strikes warning, even when our changes to policy enforcement are enabled in an upcoming update to Ingress Prime. 

Additionally, we have removed high-value items obtained through unauthorized item sellers. Any items purchased through third-party websites or services will be removed from players’ inventories — even if these items were dropped and passed to other players.

Purchasing or sharing items from unauthorized item sellers is a violation of our TOS, and we’ll continue to investigate item sellers, buyers, and associated accounts. 

Finally, we have reviewed each appeal received through the Ingress Help Center, and 99.6% of enforcement decisions have been upheld. If you believe your account was banned in error and haven’t already appealed, please submit an appeal through the Ingress Help Center here.

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