Feature Request: Power Cube Generating Capsule

I would love to have a capsule that would turn its contents into power cubes appropriate for the level of the agent. If I have a bunch of portal keys, weapons, low level power cubes, etc the capsule would hold an indefinite number and when closed would take the contents and convert them into the highest level power cube the agent can accommodate. This feature would help to reduce the agents inventory quickly into power cubes.


  • I have thought about this a little more. Maybe it could be called a Cube Generator. It'd have a limit of 100 C8s (800,000 XM). If you put 100 C8s into it then it'd do nothing. But if you put 8 C1s into it then you would get 1 C8. You could then put 800 C1s into it then 100 C8s would come out. The idea is to just keep adding items until the 800K MU limit is reached. Think of all the portal keys you could recycle in such a thing! Portal key recycling is why I would want this item.

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