One OPR upgrade don't work

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I redeemed an upgrade several months ago, but I got no response until now. However, I redeemed 9 upgrades after that upgrade, 7 of them are located in the same city with that upgrade, and I have got the results of them. I suspect that there are some errors in the OPR system that make that upgrade don't work. Did anyone encounter similar error before?



  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    I have a few upgrades in countries which have probably less than 50 portals in total in the Middle East. I submitted a bunch of them and got a lot of them upgraded months ago and support has given me answers that I need more votes even though there are no active reviewers because there are no players. If your area is getting reviewed and some of the candidates in the area are getting responses while this area isnt there's two possible problems. First is they can be marked as duplicates and a pre-existing portal will have the second image, if no portals are going live or in the area, contact support since people have had Niantic essentially "fix" the OPR area and you will get a response within days if there are Reviewing agents in the area.

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