How OPR could be saved.

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I thought a long time before I decided to present my idea here. Share your opinion in the commentaries

My idea:

---A Mentoring System---

1. Each OPR reviewer with (example) Onyx Recon medal can invite 3 lv 10+ Agents or lv 40 Trainers (via Email) to OPR.

2. A Mentor can See the OPR Stats of his "Student" and can kick out a Person from his Mentoring program

3. After the Student reaches (example) 200 reviews an automatic kickout can Happen when the Students accordance falls (example) under 50 %

4. When a Student was kicked out automatic he isn't able to use OPR for (example) 2 months and cant hired by the same Mentor as before

5. For every (example) 10 points the Student does, the Mentor gets one 1 point for his upgrades.

6. If a Student reaches 10k matching reviews He will be able to become a Mentor and leaves the old Mentoring Program. And the old Mentor gets 1 Upgrade.

7. ...


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    Highly abusable. This means each onyx reviewer gets three extra reviewers which can be personally ordered to strengthen his faction's portal network and rejecting the others.

  • What exactly do you mean with "saving OPR"?

    OPR works, the countless new portals every day are a testament of that.

    If you mean that submissions are taking a long time and you want to speed it up, it's simple. Either increase the amount of reviewers (such as allowing pogo players or lowering the required ingress level), or reduce the amount of reviews needed.

    But neither of those options increase the quality of portals.

  • @TropicalJet I see your point, but every faction could do this and the most portals i get arent in my play area

  • @XQlusioN With savings OPR I mean: How to reduce the time to wait until a portal acception/rejection.

    So you need more reviewers. I think opening OPR for (example) every lv 40 Trainer would be a bad idea, because many Trainers just want portals no matter if they are there or not

  • Yeah I think he’s referring to the increasingly long wait times. Lowering the review level or adding pogo to OPR has to come sooner or later.

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    Improve quality of OPR agreements:

    1-Raise up amount of reviews needed.

    2-Increase reviewer monitorization to spot OPR abuse and apply punishment if rating goes Red.

    3-Change rating display: Green = above 90%; Yellow = 66-90 %; Orange = 40-65 %; Red = below 40%.

    4-Punishments: suspension of OPR account for 3/6/12 months, depending on how many times the punishment has been applied. OPR test required to get back to 50% rating.

    5-Monitorization: by cell, OPR will check upon EACH portals with excesive discrepancies based on faction's averages. Portals should be pushed if aproved in batches monthly. At push time window, portals will resolve if minimum amount of reviews is met.

    6-Deeper clarificaton in OPR manual: community MUST be able to develop and conciliate a generic REGIONAL manual for OPR users to follow. This will reduce the amount of black areas, increase OPR test results and player base knowledge when rating candidates and flatten faction discrepancies.

    7-Repeated abuse: if a reviewer has recently succeeded in an OPR test after a punishment, his activity will be monitorized in order to study tendencies when reviewing, such as Postal Code of each candidate VS rating valoration.

    8-By achieving section 6, community will at some point be able to fully handle portal appeals, leaving current workforce from Niantic to ticketing services.

    There are several ways to improve and even "save" OPR, but the way I see it, none will work without an enhaced punishment system.

    Thanks for your time, let me know your feedback and don't forget to hit that like/insightful button 😃

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    This is correct: there is an ongoing issue on this line since L12 PoGO reviewers accept to missplace portals several meters from is real location because of PoGO cell system.

    At this point, a solution could be just adjuts PoGO cell system to Ingress standards: this way, no portal would be required to be move, less work load to OPR edits and less problems for everyone.

  • These statements would improve quality of OPR agreements in an ideal world. Currently there are few enough reviewers already - most of these would just increase the backlog even further.

  • That would indeed increase quality.

    But it wasn't quality that OP was concerned about.

    It was speed. And everything you said would slow it down.

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    I'm aware, but why do you think it got slowed down? How many agents quitted OPR routines because of outcomes and constant abuses?

    First, we need to walk before being able to run!

    I see I forgot to include in section 1 a wider reviewing radius, so candidates get to be reviewed by potentially more players and "black spots" are reduced. Black spot is that place where there is no OPR reviewers (if that still exists).

  • So you are concerned about OPR agents quitting because of abuses, and want to fix that by punishing them even further?

    A stricter rules is just going to make more reviewers quit, ****.

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