Bug: Duplicate Posts by Editing

When I edit a new discussion that requires approval before it is approves it seems that a new post is being created. I edited my post two times and after approval 3 posts appeared in the sub category (and shown the same way to other users as I was told):

Furthermore I'm afraid that another instance of this posts would have been created because it waited as an open draft:

I didn't check what happens when I edit this draft and send it, because I didn't wanted to risk a fourth dupe.

What's even stranger about this: My "My Discussions" counter on the right didn't increase. It now shows 5, but actually there are shown 8 of them. 5 unique discussions and 3 duplicates. So I suppose that the board system doesn't count the dupes/versions but actually lists each version as a single post.

Maybe a board admin could look into this.


  • Thanks for flagging! What's likely happening is that you post has been queued for moderation individually, each time the post was edited. This is helpful feedback both for our platform team and for our moderators.

    I'll pass along the message and work on improving this. Thanks again!

  • NelkonNelkon ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the quick response. Always glad to help improving this important community platform.

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