Prime request : Reclassify "Global Ping" sound effect as background

My Ingress sound preference is speech and sound effects on but with my own choice of music in place of the background sounds, so any Ingress sounds I hear are ones I've initiated* and all I get whilst bimbling between portals is music.

This works fine in Redacted as all I have to do is turn off background and mix the volume of the other two for the appropriate listening experience. However, Prime's "ping" sound effect is classified as a sound effect instead of background so I've got no way of removing it from the audio mix. Okay, so this is of minimal issue when Spotify's serving up Motorhead and AC/DC or a load of Happy Hardcore, but it gets really irritating if the musical offerings are a bit more delicate.

* Particularly the burster charge effect, which I could use in Redacted to get 18% - 20% charge on shots most of the time without looking at the screen. Can't quite do it on Prime yet, but that's my fault not Primes.


  • Oh yes. I tried turning Prime's audio on and quickly had to revert to silent (phone does make sound for notifications of course) due to this. What we need is a set of options that fit those of us what want just important feedback sounds and nothing else. No background hum, or 'global ping' (I assume we're talking about the pulse that fires out showing fields etc) on that setting.

    We could probably dicuss for days exactly what audio should be in each setting though, and I hesitate to ask the Niantic developers to give us a big matrix of all the possible sounds to enable/disable, although it would be cool if they did!

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