Logic on multiple capture of same minds while multi layering

KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭

As it's beautiful on redacted (not anymore on prime) I still don't get how mu score on multi layers is not a bug.

Fielding captures minds under the field area.

Then why is it possible to recapture again and again the same minds 😅

Yes it is now part of the game and would change the multi layer is winning purpose but I don't get how or why one could capture the same minds several times simultaneously.


  • That is why they are called units of the Mind, there are thousands on the brain, every brain under the field.

  • I've never understood it. It was probably a glitch they never fixed. If you're already captured all the mind units under the field where are the mind units coming from on any of the layers? The instructions are vague lol.

  • GridEXEGridEXE ✭✭✭✭

    How does Prime show layers in 3D anyways?

  • This is great! When I first started playing I refused to make layers because it made no sense to me, how you could capture the same minds over and over. I finally gave in and started making layers (much to the relief of my local community) but this is a great explanation! Thank you!!

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