Item Idea: XM Parcel

What is it:

A purchasable item that can be loaded with (100?) items and exchanged for a passcode.

The items inside the XM Parcel do not count towards the item limit and cannot be used without redeeming the passcode.

XM Parcels are destroyed once the passcode has been used.

Possible use cases:

  • An agent in need: Got someone standing at an anchor without the gear to take it down? Load up an XM Parcel with XMPs, Ultra Strikes, Flipcards and Cubes and send him the code
  • Got too many items but don't want to recycle those hard earned very rare items? Load them in an XM Parcel and use the passcode yourself when you need it
  • Organizing a contest and want to reward the winners with gear? Load up an XM Parcel and share that to the winner.
  • Want to include dead drops during FS or MD events (or any other)? Print the code on a piece of paper (or let them decode a message)

The Pro's for us, the agents:

  • It is a solution to 2 of the most requested features (Expanding storage and gifting items)
  • It can be used individually or as a community

The Pro's for Niantic:

  • Infinite money: Unlike key lockers, XM parcels are a one time use object.
  • Most of the code required already exists. (Key Lockers -> Load and remove from inventory, Passcode -> Redeeming)

Addressing some concerns you might have:

  • The majority of these use cases can be done with regular capsules (albeit with some limitations), so there is no need to pay for them if you don't want to.
  • It's not Pay2Win. You can already buy item packages in the store. XM Parcels are hacked by agents for agents (or yourself) and can be loaded for specific use cases.
  • Unlimited inventory? Niantic could easily limit the amount of XM Parcels an agent has at any given time. They could even limit it based on agent level or recursions.

Let me know what you guys think.



  • ntzzntzz ✭✭✭

    Looks like a nice object, but should be very restricted in my opinion if this is implanted.

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