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We are expanding the Alliance of Vanguards program!

What is the Vanguard program? Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager and provide direct feedback on a variety of initiatives and topics ranging from but not limited to Anomaly rules, NIA OPS policy, game features, beta software, etc. They are a sounding board for new ideas and a way to get the player perspectives on issues. 

Vanguards are not Niantic employees and do not represent Niantic. They do not have access to Niantic systems, including personally identifiable information or the OPR status of other Agents. They are not authorized to make any decisions related to Niantic or its games, including but not limited to help center tickets, Mission submissions, Portal nominations, Portal appeals, or account ban appeals.

The Vanguard program currently has 24 members. We are going to be expanding it to 36 volunteers in total. In addition to the 12 new members, several existing Vanguards will be retiring from the program and will need to be replaced. We want to thank the retiring volunteers for their passion and dedication over the last two years in helping improve Ingress and the player experience. 

To participate in the Vanguard program, Agents will have to agree to and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Violating the NDA may result in immediate removal from the program, legal action against the person, and the termination of the person’s Ingress account. 

Please read this FAQ that contains additional details about the Vanguard program:

To submit your application to become a Vanguard please fill out this form:

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