Tabiti killed/Best of Tabiti (Wave of Bans August 2019)

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On August 2nd, 2019 my Tabiti account received a permanent ban, out of the blue for simply no reason! I am a clean player and never received a ban before, neither a temporary one. I opened an appeal about this account termination, but Niantic's support declined it just a few hours later making it a final decision to terminate the account. Therefore I decided to create a (last?) "Tabiti - Best Of" posting.

I apologize for the pseudo URLs, that you need to paste manually into your browser. I don't have enough Karma points yet in order to use real URLs. It's my first posting ...


Permanent ban (Friday 2nd August)

"Staff" member at Anomaly in Nuremberg (March 2019)

Agent's Biocard (March 2019)

Operations organized by the account

4 XF Fieldarts (2016-2018)

Pseudo XF Fieldart (April 2018)

Fieldart as Birthday present (April 2018)

Zeromax (complex zerofield structure) [March 2016]

Homogeneous field Layer 5 (first ever) [August 2015]

Homogeneous field Layer 6 (one of the few worldwide) [October 2018]

Operations organized by the account

I've been a rather active player for the ENL faction since May 2013 organizing all kind of operations (see above) until July 2018, when I decided to do a faction change. At that time I was at Level 16 with about 100 Mio AP. As RES member I played rather quickly to Level 8, but then became a casual player deploying my home portal once a week and playing some mission banners once in a while. As RES player I planned and organized the second homogeneous field layer 6 in Germany (Nuremberg) and another XF fieldart (Bass guitar) in Erlangen (see above). I also attended the mission days in Erfurt 2018 and München 2019. In addition I was member of the organization team of the anomaly Nuremberg in 2019. And I was attending the Nuremberg recharge room for the anomaly Helsinki about one week ago.

I have no explanation for Niantic terminating my account. I haven't done anything from the list of their account termination email, I am and was not playing against TOS and I'm known as a fair player by both sides. I'm using a Oneplus 3 phone running Android 9 with the latest updates. It is not rooted. I'm using the Redacted scanner.

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  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭

    Make a new account and buy those key lockers again, agent! Niantic needs to squeeze some more blood out of those stones.

  • I miss the words it always hits the wrong honest players, Tabiti is a fair clean player, I urge Niantic to lift the barrier!

    Pennyhase Resistance

  • Tabiti is a player who is respected on both sides and has never been known for cheating of any kind. Please check your decision, there must be some mistake. (KalterHund, ENL)

  • xgonzoxgonzo ✭✭

    Tabiti is a well respected player by both fraction as anybody can read in the comments. I know him in person and even though he started "Enlightened" it was always nice to play with him. He is fair and honorable player - please revise the ban.

  • TheKlutenTheKluten ✭✭✭

    May I ask if you used any planning tools like IITC or Resvue or any other app towards improving ingress ?

    I know one player who was banned and admitted thet he tuned the gps off while on the bus so he could stay at the portals and take them down .

    Did you trade a lot of gear with other players ? that gear could have been bought from a illigal site ?

    Did you do anything like that ?

    Are your phone rooted or using any rooted tools in any way ? VPN ?

    Do you use the account on two ( or more devices) and they got turned on at different locations at the same time ?

    I have a hard time beliving that nothing wrong gets you banned like that. Ofc it can be a program error but if a appeal is also turned down it must be something you done og had on your equipment who triggered the ban .

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭
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    @TheKluten The first question shows me, that you have no clue about the complexity of a homogeneous field Layer6 and the limitations for field planning in the regular Intel Map.

    I'm not playing dirty tricks with my GPS signal at all.

    The only items I received lately were 40 keys for recharging Helsinki anomaly and 100 PCs. Who the hell pays money for weird keys and PCs? So very unlikely that this could be the reason.

    I wrote in the posting, that my phone is *not* rooted.

    I'm using my account only on one device, yes.

    You know what a false positive mean? And appeals, which are confirmed within hours (about 7 in my case) cannot be serious reviews in my opinion. This would take way longer to do it right. For cost efficiencies they likely need to use some "rolling dices" approach, means e. g. 6 back to game and 1-5 out forever. I mean they know (and everybody knows) their algorithms are not (and cannot be) perfect. So overall it matches the numbers then after such an approach, just not for the individual. ;-) That's the downside of a game like Ingress, the lack of real support, since there is just not enough money. In March I still bought 4 character badges for about 70 EUR to give Niantic some support, but now I need to regret this decision already. Sigh.

  • StranditStrandit ✭✭✭

    Hm. You know, the recharge keys could actually be it. Let me first be 100% clear: I am sure that Resistance is as careful about key farming as Enlightened are. But there's always some chance that an individual key farmer will do something dubious without leadership being aware of it. If those keys came from an account that botted the key farming, maybe that was the issue?

    And again, this is a random guess. You might be totally sure where the keys came from in which case that's not it.

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    @Strandit Both - the person, who dropped me the keys the one, who dropped me the PCs - are no item sellers. I asked, both the keys and PCs have been farmed manually.

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    So finally we know Niantic is accusing us false positives being item sellers/buyers. This is ridiculous.

    I never did anyhing of this list:

    1. Farming items for item sellers
    2. Delivering or distributing items for item sellers
    3. Purchasing or sharing items from item sellers

    Their algorithms are obviously broken and their support not capable to help us. See my comment before on August 9 1:03AM.

  • TheKlutenTheKluten ✭✭✭

    Reading up on the NIA post it has to be items you have traded with another player then.

    Keys , shields etc. It may be that the items are farmed with a bot account and handed out around and ended up in your inventory. This because all items has a unike id and are easely tracked:

    Did you get some keys delivered from some PITA portals ? If yes they could be the case of your ban.

    Or since NIA wont tell It can be something else ( Let the paranoa begin)

    Bt you did something to be flagged , and that is was I was trying to fokus on. I still belive there could be a error ine the AI used by NIA

    btw dont like to be accused of having no knowlegde since i just raised the question of your IITC use. Complex field art do not legalize the use of IITC . It's still against TOS

  • TheKlutenTheKluten ✭✭✭

    Ref @NianticBrian It can't have been traded items you have recived

    Quote : Hi, I wanted to clarify a question someone pinged me on Twitter. If I were given a capsule with 100 aegis shields by another player, and that player purchased those shields from an unauthorized seller who was identified in our investigation, then the other player's account(s) were banned and the 100 aegis shields that were in my inventory have been removed. I wouldn't have been banned because I accepted those aegis shields, but I don't get to keep those purchased items.... End

    That means if you have been banned it must have been something done from your account or a 100% false flag

    and then we are right back to start..........

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    @TheKluten I verified that the keys and power cubes I picked up recently (July 27) have been farmed manually by real players. Also the accounts,which dropped me these items haven't been banned. I no longer have the drop/pickup history for May 2019 and before. I'm sorry.

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭
    edited August 10

    @TheKluten @NianticBrian Yes, it's 100% false flag. That's the issue here. I gave up meanwhile. The account can be moved to

  • TheKlutenTheKluten ✭✭✭

    And your appeal was denied and final in just a few hours means it was fully automated

    Please make a new appeal and @NianticBrian Can you do something here ? at least look it over and inform the player ?

  • StranditStrandit ✭✭✭

    That sucks and I’m sympathetic. Thanks for listening to my theories.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 12

    @Tabiti it is more than likely then that items you farmed got passed through a seller's account making it look like you were a supplier. A capsule or other items you passed to a teammate got passed through an item seller.

    I find it probable and possible Niantic has been buying items from sellers on the sly then analyzing the items to identify their origin.

    And now I'm spooking myself because the other day I dropped 10 empty capsules at my local farm to mess with enemy agents. (Instead of recycling) I had 30 and wanted to lighten up.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭

    A response "in just a few hours" really doesn't mean it's "fully automated". There is no auto-close.

  • KalalessKalaless ✭✭✭

    I don't know what scares me more: The idea of random bans by Niantic or to imagine that players I know in person give away my donations to them to item sellers...

    I don't think that a capsule ID alone could lead to a ban if the items inside are completely different? This would be like a random ban...

    But who knows. The lack of transparency makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    Right. It's not autoclosed. The ticket gets moved from the main queue to another one, then closed by the support specialist mnaullay without the appropriate investigation, which would be necessary..

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    I would assume what Niantic names an "item reseller" is an account, which meanwhile has been classified as bot and already removed from the game. At least this has been, what the "item sellers" offered, when they still spammed the game chat: A bot account with items and the credentials to have access to it. That way item buyers also had the risk to be detected as multiplayer account. Things may have changed. I'm not in this business and are not interested in buying items. Never have been.

    I never dropped items to such a bot account, I never bought such a bot account let alone share the items of this bot acount to others.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭

    This is merely an assumption on your part though, based on your observance and own conclusions.

    You cannot state this as fact as you have no visibility of the processes Ops follows.

  • TabitiTabiti ✭✭

    Of course these are my assumptions. And I don't expect Niantic to confirm them - ever. The less facts Niantic is providing for us, the more room for speculation exists. ;-) So I'm afraid they need to live with that ...

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