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    From the Essex chat, this is the transcript. (Credit to Gnagsuaton)

    "I am Aurora. We are Nemesis.

    The glyphs are the biological interface for exogenous instructions.

    As such, they must be eliminated!

    I will see to it!

    Your defeat of Myriad is only a momentary setback.

    We are more powerful than you know.

    Your hubris endangers your world and many others.

    We will not rest until the danger that is the exogenous has been quelled!

    This is your final warning.

    Do not get in our way."

    In the one Image I had found the message:

    "The first barrier has been shattered- But three barriers remainx"

    The glyphs could be the second barrier.

    In the video there are two pass codes:

    oyn55persepolis885qv - fully redeemed

    tdv36creative469gc - I cannot get this one to work, it is missing something.

    The "Persepolis" in the code may refer back to the previous event prior to Prime.

    Also there are two images of playing cards that show up at the top of the video.

    Spades: +Ace, +Ace, +Ace, -Eight, -Nine, -King

    Spades: -Seven, +Jack, -Queen, -Queen

    The +/- means that the image is either a (+)Positive or (-)Negative image.

    I am still digging into what I can.


  • @GridEXE where did that video originate from?

  • The first code is actually dvt63creative469gc, you have to strictly read left to right, top to bottom, imagine fine horizontal lines superimposed on the picture.

    There is third picture with playing cards at 21 second

    Spades: +Ace, -Seven, +Nine, +Queen, +Queen

  • What does this translate to? It was hidden in the Aurora video

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    My brother can read japanese some, and this text-img translator i found seem to both agree it translates to “dai pin 5” at the beginning:

    brothers analysis:

    Daipin go techini go go wa koo

    Or “dai pin 5 tetimuni 5 5 wae” from the online img translator

    anothe brother also mentioned:

    Dai Pin 5 Tachi im M ix 5 Wa Engineering

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    It was media from the First Saturday stock portal.

    Myriad appeared similarly through last month's stock portal.

  • At face value, it's gibberish. It does seem to resemble a passcode format, though. This is just a guess, but if I converted the katakana into Roman letters, used the first letter of each, then converted the kanji into numbers, it would come out as dip25tcim255we . But that's not a valid passcode.

  • Regarding the Japanese text / code, here it is in copyable text:


    As a code,it is: ダイピ 25 テチイ厶 255 ワェ

    I have tried different translations of the letters but the middle portion didn't feel right as "just letters" as it should be a code word. I could not tell from the translation by @ArkahEMPstrike what that word would be but I came up with "Tetsui" which is a fighting technique relating to a "hammer fist".

    The first three characters could be DIP or DAP or DBP.

    The last two could be WE or WY

    So far I have tried the following with no success:






    Maybe someone else will have better luck with it.

  • Little hint for the Japanese text puzzle: Each Japanese character is exactly one letter or number.

  • Anyone know how the playing card cipher works?

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    Here are screenshots for the cards in the video.

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    We have the card information, just not a solution. I am pretty sure someone has already figured to out and used any code from it if that is what it is. I would just like to know how it gets deciphered.

    The suit of Spades might be relevant.

    The hands are:

    +A, +A, +A, -8, -9, -K

    -7, +J, -Q, -Q

    +A, -7, +9, +Q, +Q

    The only think I could come up with is pretty basic and doesn’t give a lot. I took the alphabet and set it against the 26 possible negative and positive numbers in a suit

    A(-13), B(-12), ... M(-1),N(1), ... Y(12), Z(13)

    But the results are just as confusing.

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    Isn't that also three cards short of a royal flush?

    I wonder if Unicode helps with this as they are coded characters away from each other?

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