Why does NIA give in to spoofers.

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Lately the northsea was totally conquered by the enlightened, with multiple awesome places being visited by awesome agents. even we had some brave RES agents getting to a hard to reach place with much respect.

to get to all these locations cost loads of money and time and multiple agents are willing to spend both for their faction both resistance and enlightened.

when spoofers appear in the theater both factions work together to get them banned and lately NIA got some awesome tools to repair the work of the spoofer in question making the game more fair which is great.

lately spoofers found a way to get hands on a what NIA says a legit account and had their go at one of the hardest to reach island (fair isle) to have it killed (3rd go in 3 days) the ammount of kills is already gave away this action was a spoof action. this account could play in norway like a normal account then in 3 hours go to a remote island 800km away near the shetlands and then disappear totally. although RES and ENL both told NIA this is not possible to do NIA still let this gameplay win.

this way the game will lose the legit players and the spoofers and players who dont care take over.

please react and keep ingress cheat free.

all the proof of an impossible action on the portal is there!

even with all restores taking long we can live,

in africa NIA won from the spoofers why cant they take propper action here aswell.

probably spoofers found a way to hijjack accounts to take down stuff they want.



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    Make this game more fair and don't let spoofing take part of the Ingress story. So restore this portal and keep on doing that NIA, even spoofing made a field possible for the opposite party (take the field away). A lot people pay a lot of effort for this game.

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    Haven't yet looked at the linked image, but, your comment about taking action against those linking through spoofed lanes if daft - many people, like me, derp all the time, if I can link it, I do.

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    Ugh. Spoofers ruin the game imho.

    If this 'player' supposedly travelled 737km in 3hrs 10mins, this situation should get some extra attention from Nia. Especially when the portals involved are hard to reach. You usually don't travel that distance in a small aircraft and I don't really see other ways of transportation that could take you to Fair Isle in that amount of time.

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    I was talking about the well known preference NIA has for RES. Post was made with emotion though, should’ve waited with posting a comment.

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    Congratulations 🏆️! With the insane amount of portals that currently exist in the game, you managed to find the one he has visited hours before. I can't imagine how long that took you, having to check them manually one by one...

    (Mind sharing the source of this information? 😊)

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    If it affects you that much emotionally, perhaps you should do as I do and don't bother about it anymore. As for your preference comment, perhaps your emotion is still getting the better of you. I'm pretty sure that our global community manager (who plays for ENL by the way) will oppose that. Also one thing doesn't go your way and the whole game is against you. That's just playing victim.

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    Long story short... Well done Nia.. your about to **** your onw game!

    Supporting cheater 👍

  • I have been fighting spoofers for the past 3 years and so far I haven't had the slightest idea that Niantic is keen on getting spoof accounts banned. It remains a fight between Niantic and spoof software. Developers of spoof software are and will always be one step ahead of Niantic's counter development. You simply can't point the finger to a single faction since spoofers are factionless. The thing that worries me the most is that Trusted Reporters are not trusted at all by Niantic. The moment a TR sends in a detailed report regarding a spoof action, Niantic should trust on the report. Otherwise they shouldn't be naming it a 'trusted report'. At this point i would seriously be reconsidering the Trusted Reporter status, since Niantic is flipping the bird once again.

    In regards to Fair Isle, we all know that this account being mentioned couldnt have ever traveled from Norway to Fair Isle in that amount of time. We send the reports trough fasttrack, the account got banned but then was unbanned for Niantic reasons. Us, being players in the field, can only rely on Niantic's fair and neutral point of view. If Niantic says they are not banning because they believe it is a legit action, we can only abide. They are not going to ban the account so bottomline: the action was legit. Period.

  • best niantic, play the game fair and don't let the spoofers win. In this way, the real players lose their fun and desire to play the game. In addition, it not only takes a lot of time to reach such a portal as this, but it also costs money. We can't stand spoofers, but you can. Don't let these cheaters win the game pleace!

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    Hello Niantic,

    Please reopen this case, we are human and we all make mistakes.(its not to late to fix your mistake🤗)



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    Your view on what a TR is is a bit skewed though. TR reports only jump the queue to the top. There isn't anything more to it. It's not that Trusted Reporter reports are any more valid or invalid than other player reports. Ops does their own investigation irrespective of who submits it.

  • Roarex States a very clear case unless the legit, according to NIA, account identifies as a apache helicopter, it is impossible to travel from Norway to that Island in 3 hours, even from the closest part of shore, it is a feat that cannot be done ar your playername should be Aquaman.

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    Right now RES agents in the Netherlands are being called names and threatened by ENL for cleaning up other parts of the Northsea. Fact that a spoof action isn't reversed by NIA doesn't mean the other faction should sit idle and it sure as hell is no reason to threaten people.

  • I don't know exactly which links RES is cleaning up that ENL is "threathening" about. But, the thing is:

    ENL could have blocked the RES links which now are appearing across the north sea (from SW Norway to UK and to NL). But I was told not to by ENL - In respect to the deal to not cross "spoofed down links". Now I know that the RES don't respect the deal, so from now on I will throw links when paths are open. RES: You want ENL to respect the deal it goes both ways.

    Edit before posting: Now RES has completely blocked Fair Isle by linking from Scotland to Shetland.

    NIA has clearly **** the bed on this, by NOT managing to ban this agent from spoofing Fair Isle. It takes 5 minutes to figure out that it's not humanly possible to travel from Trondheim in Norway to Fair Isle in some 3,5 hours. Not by either plane or helicopter.

    I hope NIA will investigate this matter further and "re-ban" the agent, restore the portal and fields.

    It's also an interesting pattern I've noticed the weeks before this last spoof: .

    When Fair Isle was restored by NIA and ENL fielded to Fair Isle to re-gain MU in order to win cycle, the RES were VERY eager to **** these fields. They visited Egersund daily (sometimes 2x day if I remember correct), But then suddenly no RES came to **** even though 400k+ MU were up. Then, within 24 hours Fair Isle were spoofed down. Suspicious that RES suddenly stopped visisting yes?;)

  • Proof it when treathened (and call the police) or do not mention it in a topic with another subject.

    Nia should have restored and using the spoofer to the fullest by 1 faction is a bit strange imho

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    RES is afraid NIANTIC will restore the portal after loads of spoofers went by.

    NIANTIC neatly restored after each spoof, lately spoofers found a way to use legit accounts to use for spoofs so NIANTIC would not detect spoof.

    So resulting in a long Wait till restore.

    So this is how you act against spoofers 2.0

  • Niantic should remove all links that shouldn't have been there if the spoofer wasn't there.

  • RES cant win without spoofers it seems.

  • Katth: I don't know what RES is beeing threathened for, or which links RES is cleaning.

    But the thing is that ENL could have blocked the North Sea after RES spoofed Fair Isle. But we honored the agreement not to link over spoofed lines. Then RES decided that the spoof was legit, even though I could have blocked them hard for two days. How RES can deem the spoof legit is odd, since it's not humanly possible to travel from Trondheim to Fair Isle in 3,5 hours.

    Now, RES has blocked any chance of a portal link restore. Good job!:)

    It's also interesting that for several days RES came to Egersund to take down fields going to Fair Isle.. But then suddenly no RES came for 18-24 hours - and suddenly Fair Isle was spoofed down yet again. This stinks a long way.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭

    This is not a feasible solution. Niantic will not remove actions by legit agents, regardless of whether it was possible due to spoofer actions or not.

  • So res took the advantage off the spoof... Or was the spoofer used to make this action possible?

    We all play ingress and we all know how much effort it takes to capture portals to get an advantage on the northsee... Pity that spoofing is actually a part of the game since this spoofer turned up!

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