Portugal Spoofing

In Portugal we need help from Vanguard, as we have irrefutable proof that spoofing several reeports and nothing happens.

The effort, work, time spent and fuel becomes inglorious.

There is a way of choosing a vanguard to have some kind of weight in the niantic?

Since all ENL accounts are banned and well banned and RES accounts are not to be ...

😤😤😤 Feeling angry ...

I want to cover the world green and I can't because of cheating. 😂😂😂

Good Game Agent players.

spoofer has no color, spoofer is against the game


  • zqsdzqsd ✭✭
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    Two days ago we've got visited by a spoofer in the Mediterranean sea side of France.

    Account is L4, 3700 hacks, 13000 glyph points, 26 unique portals visited. Spoofed 2 hike anchors, 2 islands, all of that with impossible times.

    I don't know what to do anymore to get Niantic to act. This should have been a ban + warning to the real agent. This was at best case, a warn to the throwaway spoof account that was made specifically for that.

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  • We We even have footage of the scanner and where we were deploying resos and no one there.

    Level 8 gold gliph madal an no 10 Km' medal he/she have.

  • DisMysticAllDisMysticAll ✭✭
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    @Rivotti Boa tarde

    Muito obrigado. Pela resposta fiquei esclarecido. Falemos em portugues então.

    Sim spoofer não tem cor. Por isso coloquei isso no final...

    Facto é que desde que jogo. Verdade que não a muito tempo, de todas as contas que presenciei e reportei a azul foi a que ainda nao caiu.

    (Ja me disseram que sim houve tempos dificeis custou mas consegui-se.)

    ExtraEnl mais pt kk coisa, o uberfaster. Etc todas contas ENL cairam. Pk nao caiu a mariaalbertima? E com provas bem provadas. É estranho!? Nao coloco em causa o envolvimento na questão, Eu não coloco em causa os vanguards mas tendo mais peso que qualquer um que nos. Poderiam ou podem ajudar ou arientar-nos para o que fazer.

    Pergunto t @Rivotti nao somos todos pessoas que gostam do jogo?

    No teu caso pelo que ouvi es um nome grande dentro da RES portugal..

    Pergunto-te @Rivotti consegues de alguma forma ajudar todos os ingressianos ou encaminhar na melhor forma de ajudar.. Acho que é do interesse de ambas as faccoes.

    É que eu sou um pouco "verde"(verde no sentido de nao ser maduro) nestas questões de spoof.

    Volto a afirmar para mim nao tem cor.

    Bom jogo e 1000 obrigados pela resposta aqui. Mesmo...

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  • @DisMysticAll

    In the old days spoof was more about the game strategy. Today it's about leveling up fast and making badges. We report dozens of accounts per week and, I wont be too much wrong, when I say that, probably, only 10% of those reports ends in a ban. This is not something that only happens for ENL, it happens for RES too.

    Proper reporting goes a long way, but it's not enough and sometimes you may required a special assist. Ask in your faction or you just give them the report and I'm pretty sure it will get to the right hands.

    About proper reporting:

    People are not obligated, in any way, to show themselves.. I even dare to say that that's the fun part of the game. If you don't see someone, doesn't mean is not there(some times at least). That said, if you are in a plain with 100m of line of sigh... well, it will be too difficult for him to avoid the ban.

    A closed site, or restricted, doesn't mean someone can't go there. Unless is physically impossible to get to the portal , you must assume that option.

    IF you report someone for getting to a portal 5m earlier, just don't, you are loosing your time.

    One of those that causes a great distress is the access to islands out of hours or in a time where there's no transportation there. Remember, the agent can have a bot, be a fisherman, etc

    Bottom line, better reporting and through the proper channels helps but may not be enough in most cases.

  • thesolothesolo ✭✭✭

    @Rivotti very well put, my friend. Have a bitoque for me!

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