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Glyphs are not easily forgotten

IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭

Aurora of Nemesis has made a threat towards glyphs and we all know I'm not going to stand for that.


You may take our glyphs from the scanner but you'll never take them from us glyphers. We will always be able to read, write, and use them. They will not be forgotten! You can not take them from our minds. I will draw them, I will save them in any form I can and I will never allow you to erase them completely from my life. Take them from the scanner but you cant take them from me! If anyone wants to join me in putting glyphs everywhere then please do! I'll be drawing them, glyphing them, and studying them even if Nemesis erases them from our scanner. It may be a pointless fight but I will not give up glyphs that easily! #saveglyphs

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