Portal Appeal - Julius Dreschfeld Haus

  • Category: Invalid Portal Report
  • Title of the Portal: Julius Dreschfeld Haus
  • Location: 50.066938,10.187045
  • City: Niederwerrn
  • Country: Germany
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email: drive.google.com/open?id=1Y3fyzQ4AAFHqVvPJJQRlidfdw7NeIyt0
  • Photos to support your claim:
    • 1. goo.gl/maps/AFR6JMQZWcgC4d1Q6
    • 2. goo.gl/maps/z162n7PPPgQpoRZS8
    • 3. drive.google.com/file/d/1rsvZ0qxweGw9K0tzqo8Rv5-ML9spoyDb/view?usp=sharing
    • 4. drive.google.com/open?id=1OqG0y6Vxqqu2xq98PsMJjRlbswsjkkgv
  • Helpful: On the portals photo you can see a German word called "ehemaliges Wohnhaus" this means that Julius Dreschfelder should have lived there. But thats wrong. On wikipedia (Source 4) you can see when he lived (1845-1907). On Source 3 you see a map which is from 2008 and the house isnt even buildt at this time (i marked the location with a red circle). Anyway the portal would be on privat residental property.


  • Insufficient Evidence- Resubmit Appeal- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to remove the Portal in question.

  • NelkonNelkon ✭✭✭

    I think that @Webbls is right.

    His information was useful to prove, that the location is wrong, though I understand that a successful appeal would have needed an onsite photo of the actual sign.

    Portal picture:

    I had a look at the portal picture itself. It looks like a fake produced info sign. A color printout put into a picture frame. Why should somebody put screws onto a piece of paper? Real info signs are printed on plastic and lay flat on the board. This isn't a final proof, but a strong indication.

    This is how official signs look in this city (intel link):

    Here is another portal with an official sign: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.063723,10.174026&z=17

    Sat image analysis:

    Moreover it's clearly a newly built residential home. I doubt that this was home to a jewish physician from the 19th century in Bavaria. I don't want to forster prejudices but my knowledge from other cities is that they were rather living in the quarters around the synagoge and not in a picket fence suburb.

    Disclaimer: I live in the same country, but some hundred kilometers away from this place. So my analysis isn't based on a personal involvement in local game.

  • WebblsWebbls ✭✭
    edited August 2019

    Thanks. There are also 2 streetviews around the house. The photo is self made and doesn’t exist there anymore. Please Review again @NianticKN

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