Forum Points and Levels

Poked around a bit, here's what I found.

Your "Points" are roughly "insightful + like - spam - abuse + 10 * badges"

Points seem to update immediately. i was able to find someone with level 1, 19 points, give them a like, and then recheck their profile to see they were now at level 2.

level 2 is currently 20 points

level 3 is somewhere between 93 and 103 points; i would guess 100

level 4 is somewhere between 331 and 628; i found no profiles with scores in that range. if anyone spots profiles in the 331 to 628 range, i'd love to know where the dividing line is between level 3 and level 4

i found no level 5 profiles. If you see any, leave a comment below.


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