Enlightened Defeats Myriad

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  • jaicatjaicat ✭✭✭✭

    I seemed the both faction struggle to defeat Nemesis in Myriad anomaly piriod.

    why do you only inform Enlightened won?

  • ENL did more damage to Myriad, I guess? It was never clear exactly HOW our efforts would banish Myriad or help the researchers.

  • I'm a little curious as well. It also wasn't clear if we could fail to banish Myriad or not. If failure isn't an option, then the only outcome is victory, and that's no fun.

    I hope NIA researchers are able to tell us better what the effects of a failure to banish Nemesis would look like. Maybe it would be like the XM drought, or the portal virus, where it has in scanner effects.

  • Failure to stop Nemesis means failure in removing the barriers keeping the Niantic researches from coming back. It's been said that Myriad held the first barrier, and someone found a message in the NIA's report on Myriad's defeat which says there are three more barriers to deal with.

  • @falcobird we saw a trailer about what will happening... history is already written, we know that nemesis will be defeated (if you want that the game continue...-_-) but we dont know how. And we can define with the anomalies who will defeat each nemesis member, one by one.

    Many agent in this days said that niantic are changing the game, from faction vs faction to a collaborative game, but i think that isnt the correct point of view. Is a war every anomaly: a war to define who will save the world, to define who of NIA is in your faction or the other. Maybe isnt a ring but still remain a competition that define part of the story. If every anomaly could change radically the story would be impossible make a good story.

  • De alguna manera Nia debe tener el control de la Historia. O no?

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe it is going to agents vs Niantic. If that the case four factions.

  • There is some loose speculation that Nemesis could be NIA

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