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So long, and thanks for all the AP

daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

Last week I hit 500,000,000 lifetime AP and did my third recursion. I am now a 0 AP Level 1 agent, and retiring from Ingress. I started and end Enlightened.

My goals for retirement were the following:

* Achieve all onyx medals that weren't dependent on travel (done)

* 85% overal capture-to-visit ratio (only managed 83.83%. Would need roughly a thousand more new captures and no visits to meet 85%. Oh well.) 

* Be in Top 100 Global Agents (in Top 100 since 2017, retired at #72)

* "Clear my orbit" - capture all portals in my vicinity. Of the nearest 10,000 portals, I have captured all but 22. Seventeen are on gov-only land, and some others unreachable except by boat. So 99.78% is good as I'm gonna get.

So I didn't quite hit them all, but the half billion AP mark was too good to pass up, and 2^29 (536870912) was too far away with my decreasing play availability.

Some stats:

Level 8: 2013-02-12

  Recursions: 3

  Total Lifetime AP: 500,000,000 

  Longest Hacking streak if I hadn't visited the networkless Amazon rainforest for 5 days: 2346 (6.4 years)

  Number of Piranha eaten in Amazon rainforest: 4 - totally worth breaking my streak

  MU assists: OrlandoGloom, ChrisMotus

Play style: heavily build vs destroy

Hardest medal: Illuminator (largest field: 22k MU, average field size 53 MU)

Ingress Google Plus communities moderated/owned: 9 (I miss you, G+)

  Months maintaining the Top 100 AP Ingress sheet: 39 (3.25 years)

Original leveling-related badges:

  Abstained: Recruiter

  Platinum: Trekker, Pioneer

  Onyx: All the rest

I've had a great time playing Ingress, and meeting folks of both factions online and IRL. Thanks for years of fun, Niantic.

And to all agents, Happy Hacking.


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