Possibility to change Prime language to English is very important

Hi team,

It is necessary to have possibility to change language of Ingress Prime to English.

It is not possible to use translated versions of Prime, because very often you can not see whole information on the screen.

Fox example - you can not see effective percent of charging using russian , because this information just doesn't fit on the screen.

It is easier to open possibility to change language of Prime instead of checking all translations to make them clear.


  • So I was in Korea for Myriad and it was funny how often people were try to either describe the portal by the picture or what the Korean characters looked like. I remember one portal kept getting called "two football" because the character looked like a roman numeral 2 with an object that looked kind of like a football in front of it. It was really frustrating.

  • Portalnames won't be translated, even if they use a, for you, foreign alohabet. This is something people need to work around at every anomaly site, because there are always international visitors. It's part of the game.

  • ThorDerHammerThorDerHammer ✭✭
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    Maybe Niantic can start something like public i18n translation for ingress like other app providers do.

    Furthermore some i18n text content exceeds its box limits. Maybe text boxes can be a little more flexible in layout, e.g. on glyph page.

    Some strings are missing in German translation (reported 1 month ago).

  • I'd prefer the Japanese text over the device English default.

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    That they assume you want the app in the same language as you run your phone in makes sense to me to be honest. They all do this.

    The real solution here should be to fix these interface issues in localisation...

    It's been a mess since release and this been adressed by the community in the beta too.

    It's been almost two years since Prime was released in the main channel with seemingly no movement here. It seems like low hanging fruit yet everybody that doesn't play in English is still confronted with rather ugly interface problems.

    It's just shoddy, especially considering this game's popularity outside the us.

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