Community Agent Score

The scoring system seems to me a bit instagram style where you post a photo and you have more likes and more consideration.

Here we are not talking about aesthetics, but about functionality.

Why should an agent be forced to comment or create a post to score points?

A serious agent can read all the previous questions and the answers they can easily find with the search.

People, like me, ask questions only if not previously proposed, thus limiting spam and redundant speeches.

Furthermore, given that both factions are present here, having feedback only from users, in cases of very competitive XF communities where any pretext is good to harm the other team, can affect the agent's feedback.

Instead, I agree with the reports of "Abuse" obviously if used in a proper manner for offenses and excessive tones.


  • Like prime I would describe this forum as open BETA test. Hopefully it will get better with time.

  • @Dirtyjoe619 in fact, I hope the suggestions come to Niantic to improve the community

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