Ability to manage inventory disappears

I've had this happen a few times, and force-closing/reopening the app seems to fix it. When I'm scrolling through my items, the ability to select 1-xxx for recycling disappears. It does BARELY show up (really dark) on the resonator selection, but I'm unable to select 3 resonators to recycle. Or any other number, for that matter.

imgur.com/a/VlRJU2B <-- since I'm not cool enough to post links yet...


  • I've seen this a very few times, but do wonder if it's a different manifestation of the bug that greys out the 'Manage' button on Capsules. In both scenarios you're being denied managing an object. I get the capsule bug several times a day.

  • Yes I have the manage capsule bug occasionally as well, and it very well could be the same bug.

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