Thank you for the European tour 2019

edited July 2019 in NL-1331
  • Hamburg... check
  • Cologne... check
  • Utrecht... check
  • Liège... check
  • Darmstadt... check
  • Munich... check
  • Pilsen... check
  • Prague... check
  • Krakow... check
  • Warsaw... check
  • Kaunas... check

Many thanks to @bettyrumblepant, @RedSoloCup and @Nerdmeetsyou (for the Hamburg meeting) for a great tour through some Central and Eastern European countries. It was a pleasure to meet you again and again. ;-)

We drove many kilometers by train, saw many cities, enjoyed local food, played many banners and the 2 MD +, met a lot of people at the meet-ups and got some nice little badges.

We hope you have enjoyed your stay here in Europe as well away from your work.

We look forward to 2020 and hope we will see you again here.

Also a big thank you to all the local POCs and agents who organized locations, where the meet-ups could take place.

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