Stories of spoofer agents

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Did you ever stumble across spoofing agents? (Probably yes), How did you know they were spoofers?, How did you deal with them? What the reaction of the community was?

I already told a story of mine in another discussion, in short the agent had gold explorer badge, over 70 mission badges from asia, europe, russia, USS.. the list goes on, only 10 KM walked, had shamelessly admitted he was a spoofer in the comm and laughed at us because he "Had a method to get away with it", encouraged other players to spoof and reached lvl 10 and approved a couple of portals, took us whole 4 months to get him banned, local community almost lost hope.

Also yesterday appeared another one with same characteristics except they doesn't brag and is creating giant fields, looks like it's gonna take another 4 months 😪


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    I make a fairly serious effort to let spoofing bother me as little as possible and thusly rarely discuss them with other agents.

    I absolutely never approach them (via COMM) direct as ANY kind of response/attention is essentially what they are after seeing as how they are basicly just trolls.

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    Quite recently we thought we had a new RES player just across the border in a small town in Germany. Approached him in comm and we talked on telegram. Seemed like a normal player. His hometown was blue for a few days and he started spreading around more. Until he came in my city in the Netherlands. He was playing at odd hours, but we didn't see anything out of the ordinairy except his playing hours.

    A few days or about a week later someone in our local community mentioned he saw him playing from 2am in the morning till about 2pm and on his way home captured a portal that wouldn't have been on his route if he were either by car or bike. So we started asking around to German players if they saw him play and it turned out he was playing in forest areas well after midnight. Still plausible, but suspicious. We asked him to come to a local meetup and he had an excuse to not come. So one day when he was playing in our city center one of our players tried to find him. He stopped playing completely when our agent got anywhere near him.

    A day later he popped up right on another RES players HP. He went outside and tried to find him without making any actions himself to not alert him. For about 15 minutes he was following him he didn't see any other person that could have been an Ingress player. At this point we knew he was spoofing. We reported him and he was banned within 2 hours. The next day he started a new green account. He was able to destroy some blue fields in his city and put portals green. Choose RES again at level 4 and destroyed his own build green portals. We didn't know for sure it was him, but probability was that it was him. So we reported him again and again he was banned in hours.

    If you have doubts about a player being a spoofer you can look at his movements. Does he make any illogical movements? Look at the deployrange of his resonators. Are they always the same and in perfect range? You might have a spoofer on your hands. Now this is never a guarantee, but it might help you analyze patterns and ask your opposing faction to also look at it. Nobody likes spoofers and you might be able to get a unbiased opinion this way.

  • " For about 15 minutes he was following him he didn't see any other person that could have been an Ingress player."

    I like this part.

    I once did this exact move and caught a spoofer. I spend about 15 minutes looking the gameplay and seeing nobody fitting these moves.

    Three years later, this agent still plays, so it turns out I wasted 15 minutes of my time :D

    "...but it took a long time before that happened because they mixed fair play with dubious play."

    I can related to this too, several times soofer activity has helped the "legal" agents gameplay. You at least got them banned after some time. We haven't seen a single ban yet :)

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    I was playing in the city late one night and a new green account named 'facebooker' was making their way around the city. I was doing my own thing on the other side of the city until a friend messaged me asking if I could spot facebooker as their activity was suspicious.

    I started tracking the facebooker account, which was working hard to unique lots of portals. I was originally about 1km away and managed to get closer and closer, every now and then they would take a turn and I would lose them for a little bit.

    Eventually I managed to track them down in a large open area that is usually used by university students. This account was capturing a cluster of portals that I was standing in the middle of, yet I couldn't see anybody around. I had been silent the entire time chasing this account, so I started attacking to destroy their captured portals. They continued to re-capture the same portals so I looked at the resonator deployment and went to the same position as where they would have been, I continued to attack and they continued to recapture for a few minutes.

    I was the only one within range of the portals, especially as I was standing on top of where they would have been.

    A few minutes later the account resumes moving and capturing more uniques. I continue to follow the account, but they managed to walk through a closed shopping centre and capture all the portals inside without being slowed down.

    I reported the account and went home. When I woke up I checked their profile and they were banned.

  • Well its interesting to read, that spoofing is still "a thing".

    We had some spoofers in our area every once in a while. RES & ENL agents, with or without mission badges, Level 1 up to Level 16. Mostly they were doing uniques, sometimes they were destroying some links. But that was it.

    Then about 6 months ago there was a totally new wave of spoofing in our area (southwest of Germany). Especially one account took down several portals far off in the woods in the middle of the night. But with the teamwork of RES & ENL agents we were able to get enough information to got this account banned.

    Two days later a new account appeared, destroying portals, links, fields. The message was clear, the area was no longer under the control of the local agents there. But this account also started to turn portals and destroyed them, too. So the other faction was really upset, too. Then: SILENCE. Nothing to see or hear anymore from that agent. But then some agents reported VR Shields on some anchors and VR HackMods on friendly portals of well known players. Sure, those agents were now "under fire" because if some fake agent is placing VR HackMods on your Homeportal, what would you think?

    But with the end of that ++ Network this account also stopped and disappeared. It is still an active account but without any action.

    Right now we are having serious problems with spoofers. This one is using multiple accounts (ENL & RES) to clear the area and then links as far as possible. Most of my portals are grey now and I am not contacting those fake accounts in COM. From time to time I am linking but after about 10 minutes the target portal gets attacked. If I am attacking an anchor, the fake account is attacking some of my other portals. What I like the most is the speed of those accounts. The "player" seems to be local but doesnt know the area too good. So there are some portals here that you can only reach by foot and it takes some time to get there. For example we have some portals here at the german/french border in the middle of some fields. You need about 15 minutes to walk from one portal to the other. This agent is getting from Portal A to B within 2 minutes. And if you take a closer look at the portals attacked, then there is always XM missing directly in the middle of the portal. So no path to see where he is coming from or going to. So we assume that he is spoofing directly on the portals and hops from one to the other. Other spoofers moved like walking, you could "see them" on Intel and in your scanner. But those new ones are totally different.

    Sure we did report them several times, with screenshots of the Intel, Portals, Mods, Google Maps and so on. The complete package. But NIA is doing nothing. I have asked the other faction to report too, but their reports are also answered with a simple thank you by NIA and thats it.

    We also did ask to check the IMEI's of the suspicious agents, but the answer was the same as always. Thank you, but we will do nothing.

    And I dont want to contact a vanguard, because I think they have enough to do and have a private life, too.

    Thats my two cents :)

    Enjoy the game, no matter what. And dont get frustrated if you have some spoofers like we have them here. Enjoy the AP you will get.

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