Summer Fields #3 🏝

nomnomparisnomnomparis ✭✭✭

Guess who's back ? With more Mu? Nearly 700 million MU this time, linking Sudan, Ghana, French Guyane and Azores.

Many thanks to: Angel97x, Angelle97x, Azhreia, bjarken, Capodileuca, cyborgmutt, dioxydnitro, Flavio7corvo, GatoNoir55, GoldenElite, Hamanra, ilMorgi, LordBloodRaven, lorderogh, LuffyHitoriDaz, nekojaba, nomnomparis, Pangode, Papaveris, Sieste, Skorpyo... As well as Azores, OCD, the Crazy Russians teams... and NiaOps !! With one of the fastest portal restauration (15 minutes !) and spoofer ban (5 minutes !)


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