Myriad Physical Merchandise

Physical merchandise is now online! Items will be shipped directly to you, rather than requiring onsite pickup.


  • Or a coin? Luckily I am here in Busan at the market place and it looks like I am covered.

  • Was there a plan in some point in time to add pins? My collection now looks kind of incomplete.

    I don’t want stickers or clothes. Have enough of this stuff. You wear it once or twice and than they are rotting on a pile of other merchandise clothing.

  • got my stickers :D

    i hope next series will have other things too. collectors are missing everything

    (even envelope were missed during Recursion Prime)

  • This is great, and I really appreciate the fact that international shipping charges are very reasonable. However, and I'm aware this is something Niantic have no control over, customs charges are not :( Any chance of a European store too to help cut back on these?

  • I've gotten an official and local pin for every Anomaly I've been to - until Myriad. I love the double column of pins running down my messenger bag, but with no official Myriad pin (or even a patch) this tradition may have to end :(

  • Damn that design looks cool as a sticker, not great on a shirt.

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