What can be done about massive OPR abuse?

In Turkey we are dealing with massive OPR voting abuse. Other team has more players checking OPR and they do this very well organised. They don't care about guideline in voting. They collect their own submissions and accept them, then reject everything else no matter what it is.

You submit a mosque, public park, tram stop etc. it doesn't matter. They check if the submission comes from their team or not and vote over that info accordingly. Your submissions get rejected over and over again, meanwhile theirs get approved.

The result is, they can even get their trashcan submissions approved and our park submissions rejected. All these can be tracked by New Portal Bot (Telegram @Ingressportalbot).

Problem, majority of people don't vote according to guidelines.

Possible solutions,

1-More people start doing OPR and follow guidelines. (We can't force people to do OPR, especially when most of them lost confidence in voting system)

2-More people select Turkey as bonus location and help reviewing. (We can't force people to set their bonus location here as well, also 200 km range won't help considering the size of the country)

The other big problem about this situation is they punish independent honest reviewers. You know, who would rate 1* to a park or mosque if it fits guideline, has good photo/title/description and marked at the right location?

We are tired of seeing this abuse and ask for help in global community. We just want our country to have better playing field. What can be done about this situation? Do you have any other ideas?


  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    Another solution is making an xfac OPR chat. Instead of trying to in a sense get more reviewers, understanding why certain candidates they think is viable would help word your own candidates better.

    Communication is key, also it is highly unlikely that one team can get so many one sided approvals without having folks on the other side approve. Learn why a small detail like having a license plate or not finding it on Google maps is a drastic effect on why the candidate didn't get approved.

    A cross faction OPR chat will help spread do or do nots in OPR among the whole area especially if it's a big one since even small rural play areas can hop into the chat and learn about OPR since a lot of them are far from reach for a lot of large communities.

    Invite the pogo players too once your confident in the main active community you have for the OPR chat since they need to realize what a good or bad candidate is soon.

    It will take time but the system is dependent on both teams and you will need to find people to help grow this. Everyone gets rejections and knowing why is always good especially if its honest feedback from the other team since friends on your team don't always tell you why your candidate is bad.

  • Thank you for your input msz21, I was actually expecting this kind of reply. We have a local xfac OPR group but our number is way too low to affect voting. In our city both team players can't get any portal submissions approved. It's just like a big black list or something for whole city.

    If we talk about it more specifically, we started to play Ingress coming from Pokemon community, it used to be almost no pure Ingress players here. We brought more players to the game and even organised FS event last month and will do again in August.

    I tried to communicate other players coming from outside the city, asked why we get rejections every time we submit nomination based on guidelines. They said "some people did something years ago so we get revenge" and something like that. Seriously, why would we get punished for something that happened years ago completely unrelated to us?

    While other city players fight each other we have a friendly, peaceful community here. We try to do NIA games more enjoyable by adding new portals and doing events. I don't really understand this hostility and where it comes from. I'm expecting more common sense. We are ready to talk about solutions.

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    @FlowistSkillz It happens. Lots of communities in large dense cities have had drama that older agents seem to remember and can't seem to forget. Rather than all the good things, people remember the bad things. If you already have an XFAC chat for portals and even communicate during FS to host them, here are some other things that you can possibly do.

    Since you have access to pogo players start sharing as much information to them about all the good things about ingress. Ingress has in general a lot more content and different styles of play so advertising a really cool feature like missions or banners you can do does attract new players.

    Next is, start sharing your accomplishments between both communities to Niantic. Cross faction events with pictures that Niantic can advertise will definitely draw in even the secluded solo players and communities that seem to be fragmented by what you are talking about. The more good publicity, the better and more help you can get.

    Last but not least, time is your ally. A lot of agents, really amazing and not so amazing folks will be retiring when Prime becomes the only version so this will start to slowly change the community to a new playerbase which is willing to learn new things since Prime is all they know and us helping them, goes a long way for them possibly helping us in the future for reviewing.

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    @FlowistSkillz Will opt for Turkey when my bonus period renew. But first... Which faction do you belong to?

  • Might be worth a read to understand how some people are actually gaming the system. https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/1345/about-opr-brainstorm

  • sisimeonsisimeon ✭✭✭

    Where does it state this? To get something approved, both factions must agree to some degree. I don't know of any info for rejections.

    If the enemy faction has accounts on both teams(someone described this exact situation in a similar thread), it's all irrelevant anyway

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭


    Nov 20, 2017

    W19Q10: Peter Mee (Barthax) - Does OPR require a certain balance of reviews from both factions before reaching a verdict?

    A10: Yes, it requires analysis by both factions before a decision is made.

  • sisimeonsisimeon ✭✭✭

    Let's say 5 blue players vote 1*, and 5 green players vote 2-5*. The verdict will probably be a reject. Analysis from both factions is required, but if one side is always no, the sum will never be enough to approve

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    no the submission will be in limbo until both teams has voted equal otherwise that would just destroy opr.... because when opr was new there was rumors how one faction can downvote portals in a certain area so no new portals are being made, but Nia has long ago said it has to be equal votes from both teams to approve new portals.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    I mark a lot of nominations as generic business because truthfully that's what they are. A business has to be really special or have some artwork that really stands out for it to rate being a portal. Just because a restaurant serves tacos doesn't make it a portal. But give it a giant mural of a chilie pepper mariachi band, yeah I could vote that.

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    Great to see this topic still has oxygen despite my similar thread being hi-jacked by a few community members who are naysayers on the subject. It was recognised & stipulated by Nia. prior to the OPR rollout that abusers would be banned, however this has just been lip service as per usual. You can bet your bottom dollar when there is a toxic divide in a local area that OPR abuse will be prevalent as identified in both our regions. Kia kaha ! 😎

  • I've definitely been amused by the "reasons" why the portals are getting rejected. "Seasonal feature" seems to be the current flavor of choice for the abusers in my home region - marking down murals that were there for years as such, even entire statues. :D Though the winner was a fairly big and old supporters' mural, actually more elaborate than most, the likes of which are usually insta-portals and dot the town, marked as "seasonal", "explicit" (lol) and "not meeting criteria".

    There will always be those who just reject almost everything. Some will reject legitimate stuff because of extremely subjective **** like not liking the subject matter (to whom a plaque is dedicated, say). Live in an area covered by multiple nations? You can get it rejected because you've written the description in English for everyone to understand, you can get it rejected because you wrote it in your native language (laziness or xenophobia are options there). Some may reject the submission because they see your name on a 3d sphere and they don't like you or want to troll you, but some will reject everything that doesn't have a 3d sphere provided. The lines between factions blur there and it's not a problem to pick up the downvotes from "your people" to help the local trolls along, especially for denials. And that's not even getting into the "opposite faction mule" territory.

  • I mean great for you guys, but on our side. we dont have an xfac opr but we made an xfac chat to enjoy the pogo submissions, then one from other side mentioned, 'just dont have opr requests and those stuff' not exact words. they were pretty much against an xfac opr that its too obvious. and yeah, the legit portals on our side also getting reported and removed.

    also there are several legit proper guideline following submission our side submits that gets rejected, then the other side submits it then approve it... ****

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    @NianticCasey Can you please identify and deal with the agent who is abusing the flag tool on my posts in this community forum, you made it clear previously & warned those flag abusers this will not be tolerated.

  • Nia process portal removals, either they met criteria for removal, or if you believe it's a mistake, appeal them on this forum.

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