Ingress Prime v. 2.27.3 Release Notes

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In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner. 


Ingress Prime

Release Notes

v. 2.27.3


For 2.27.3:

Bug: Fixed an issue where mission waypoint portals became difficult to select.


To see a list of known issues go here:

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  • I still cannot log into Prime at my home address, workplace and other random places, I just get the spinning globe. I did raise a ticket, cleared caches, reinstalled the game etc, but nothing has worked. Redacted and Wizards both load perfectly.

  • Another update, another 2 week wait for getting access to OPR. When are you fixing this issue with players who connected to facebook, are not being able to review? Getting closer to lvl 14 right now, this issue is taking way to long.

  • @caffo666 Scanner updates have nothing to do with OPR access.

    Heck they probably aren't even handled by the same team


    Did you remove the tap animations by air?I think adding a check box in options is a better choice.Some people like it a lot while others may not fell well.

  • Ahh, it is just a small update, but very important. I was struggling with this bug during Prague MD+. High five for fixing it so quickly! :-)

  • I was hoping to be able to play the anomaly with 2.25, that worked really nicely and only froze once every 40 minutes or so. Sadly, I was forced to update to 2.27, that did not fix all issues introduced by 2.26. For example, EVERY TIME I switch to another app (that happens litterally every couple minutes during anomaly gameplay), the game restarts. It is not viable to lose 30 seconds every couple minutes, so unless there is a way to switch back to 2.25 this anomaly will be on Redacted, again. I am really sad to have a stable version forcefully taken away, a mere 2 days before anomaly.

    Please, please allow us to roll back to 2.25, if only just for the weekend...

  • 不错

  • We need better translations or a switch for all in English. The "Germish" (German) version is mixed up with many English phrases so it could be easier to read in English only.

  • pugmasterpugmaster ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the update. 💚

  • Sugestão,

    Na COMM, aba atividades, aparecer os AP de cada ação ou os M.U.s dos campos de controles.

  • Any word on the new update?

  • A fala da mulher do app está em inglês ficaria muito melhor para os brasileiros se a fala dela fosse em pôr (Brasil)

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    2.27.3 was a hotfix from 2.27.2, released.

    Curious to know if this week we will see 2.29.x

  • I'm sorry but prime will never match the possibility that redacted had for actual play. And we will lose a lot of loyal players because of the added headaches from the graphics.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    @soldierofGod7 you're right, because it will far surpass what Classic/Redacted has from September 2019

  • The powerful new vibrations are too op for phones and can cause damage. Will this be taken out? i cant play seriously. Also the mild to low vibrations i need for glyping, this new op vibration is too much for my phone.

  • Niantic announced a fix is planned for 2.35 (the upcoming update).

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